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Also known as Lord of Angst. Works as a Movie Critic. In RL, goes by the name Xibo Excarnate. Xibo is married and lives in New York City with Mrs. Xibo. Xibo was born on October 3, 1968.

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There is a total of 546 reviews by Xibo. The average grade is B.

Movie Name Grade   Date Seen
10 Things I Hate About You B+   April 9, 1999
Summary: Above average teen flick.
13th Warrior, The A+   August 27, 1999
Summary: The best medieval film I've seen in years.
16 Blocks C+   August 26, 2006
Summary: A burned out actor plays a burned out cop...
2 Days in the Valley B+   December 28, 2005
Summary: Amusing ensemble piece.
200 Cigarettes B+   March 21, 1999
Summary: a cute ensemble piece
3000 Miles to Graceland C+   March 4, 2001
Summary: All-star cast fails to deliver the goods.
54 B-   September 12, 1998
Summary: Pretty good if you're into disco.
6th Day, The A-   November 19, 2000
Summary: A decent holiday Schwarzenegger romp.
8MM C   March 4, 1999
Summary: Not worthy of the hype.
A Beautiful Mind B-   December 27, 2002
Summary: Sadly inaccurate.
A Knight's Tale A   May 13, 2001
Summary: This movie rocks!
A Night at the Roxbury A   October 10, 1998
Summary: The best SNL film I've ever seen.
Absolute Power B+   February 21, 1997
Summary: Clint's getting old...
Ace High B   June 26, 2007
Summary: Classic spaghetti western.
Across the Sea of Time A   February 10, 1996
Summary: Visually stunning historical 3D view of NYC.
Adjustment Bureau, The A-   December 7, 2016
Summary: Interesting take on angels interfering with free will.
Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The B+   July 3, 2000
Summary: The fun part was all the cameos.
Aeon Flux D+    0, 0000
Summary: Characters acting wildly with no motivation.
Affliction B-   February 12, 1999
Summary: Nick Nolte's adventures in arthouse films
Air Force One A   July 25, 1997
Summary: How's this for product placement: RAID units
Alien: Ressurection B-   December 6, 1997
Amelie A   January 26, 2002
Summary: Great, fun, romantic french foreign film.
America's Sweethearts C+   August 1, 2001
Summary: Goofy, but really you should wait for it to come on TV.
American Beauty A-   October 2, 1999
Summary: A really wacky and twisted view of suburban life.
American Pie B   July 9, 1999
Summary: And one time, at band camp,
American Psycho B+   April 15, 2000
Summary: You may also view this as a sick comedy.
Analyze This B   March 7, 1999
Summary: "The Sopranos" is better.
AntiTrust B   January 15, 2001
Summary: Cute spoof of Microsoft
Antz C+   October 11, 1998
Summary: I expected a lot better.
Any Given Sunday B   January 4, 2000
Summary: A nice drama centered around football personalities.
Apollo 13 B+   July 5, 1995
Summary: Astronauts in space.
Aquaman B   July 28, 2019
Summary: Jason Momoa is great as Aquaman.
Arlington Road C+   July 30, 1999
Summary: Disappointing.
Armageddon B   July 4, 1998
Summary: It was worth it just to see Manhattan destroyed.
Arrival, The A   June 11, 1996
Summary: A really good scifi flick that everyone forgot to see.
Art of War, The B-   August 27, 2000
Summary: Once again, Snipes is trapped in a miserable script.
Assassins A-   October 6, 1995
Summary: A really good flick forgotten by history.
Atomic Blonde B-   August 5, 2017
Summary: Spy agent action flick, set to 80s music.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me B+   June 12, 1999
Summary: More goofiness with a few new gags and lots of old gags.
Auto Focus C-   November 16, 2002
Summary: Mildly interesting but mostly creepy
Avengers (2012), The A   May 13, 2012
Summary: All the heroes came together well.
Avengers, The B-   August 16, 1998
Summary: I'm too young to remember the TV show.
Avengers: Infinity War B+   May 20, 2018
Summary: All-star cast but half a movie.
Babe C   August 20, 1995
Summary: A really so-so film about talking animals.
Baby Driver C   July 22, 2017
Summary: Good driving stunts. Story was weak.
Bachelor, The B-   November 6, 1999
Summary: Cutesy movie about a bachelor choosing a wife.
Bad Boys A-   April 9, 1995
Summary: Better than you'd think.
Bad Boys II A-   July 19, 2003
Summary: Great fun, not taken seriously.
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever A-   September 21, 2002
Summary: Take the two toughies from Charlie's Angels and Desperado, mix...
Bandits B   October 20, 2001
Summary: Cute movie, absurd in places.
Barbershop C-   December 17, 2004
Summary: BOR-ING!
Batman & Robin B+   June 26, 1997
Summary: Completely colorful, fantastic, unreal.
Batman Begins A   June 18, 2005
Summary: Excellent retelling of a classic tale.
Batman Forever A   June 16, 1995
Summary: All of the Batman movies are great.
Battlefield Earth B+   May 12, 2000
Summary: Denver never looked this good.
Beavis and Butt-head Do America A-   December 27, 1996
Summary: Huh-huh-huh
Being John Malkovich B   February 12, 2000
Summary: Really wonky but not that impressive.
Beowulf C+   July 13, 2009
Summary: The technological feat that wasn't quite pulled off
Beverly Hills Ninja C-   January 24, 1997
Summary: Lame ninja spoof by SNL players.
Bicentennial Man B+   December 18, 1999
Summary: A nice feel-good movie about a robot who grows human.
Big Hit, The A   April 24, 1998
Summary: Mark Wahlberg's best yet. He's going places.
Big Trouble B+   April 6, 2002
Summary: Funny ensemble piece with unfortunate timing.
Birdcage, The B+   March 22, 1996
Summary: Decent comedy that repeatedly uses gays as the gag.
Black Knight A-   November 30, 2001
Summary: Very funny medieval fantasy.
Black Mask A   May 15, 1999
Summary: An excellent martial arts flick starring Jet Li.
Blade A+   August 23, 1998
Summary: The Movie of the Year for 1998!
Blade II B   March 23, 2002
Summary: Doesn't live up to the original, but certainly tries very, very hard.
Blade: Trinity A-   January 15, 2005
Summary: A bit over the top.
Blair Witch Project, The D   July 16, 2000
Summary: A great investment by the producers.
Blast from the Past A   February 13, 1999
Summary: Brendan scores again!
Bless the Child B+   August 11, 2000
Summary: Pretty decent satan-cult flick, if a bit overdone.
Blue Streak C+   September 18, 1999
Summary: A goofy Martin Lawrence vehicle.
Boiler Room B   February 18, 2000
Summary: This isn't wall street.
Bourne Identity, The B+   June 16, 2002
Summary: Exciting in places, but Franka's wasted.
Bourne Supremacy, The B   September 6, 2004
Summary: Action/adventure in search of a plot.
Bourne Ultimatum, The B+   September 1, 2007
Summary: The Bourne adventures continue.
Bowfinger A-   August 13, 1999
Summary: One of Steve Martin's better performances.
Brady Bunch Movie, The B+   February 24, 1995
Summary: Amusing campy entertainment. The sequel's better.
Braveheart A   May 26, 1995
Summary: Epic medieval battles.
Brazil A+   September 15, 1986
Summary: Simply one of the best films ever.
Breakfast of Champions A-   September 19, 1999
Summary: A decent, if abbreviated, adaptation.
Breakfast with Hunter C+   June 28, 2004
Summary: Mildly interesting behind-the-scenes look at Hunter S. Thompson.
Bringing Out the Dead A-   October 31, 1999
Summary: A really bizarre view of pre-Giuliani New York City.
Broken Arrow A-   February 9, 1996
Summary: John Woo directs an american blockbuster.
Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, The B   October 15, 2000
Summary: It's really gay.
Bruce Almighty B+   May 26, 2003
Summary: Better than average Jim Carrey movie
Bullet Train A+   January 28, 2023
Summary: Supreme action and comedy.
Bulletproof Monk B   April 19, 2003
Summary: A fun martial-arts B-movie
Bulworth A-   May 30, 1998
Summary: Warren Beatty enters the world of politics.
Cable Guy, The D   June 14, 1996
Summary: Among Jim Carrey's worst & most annoying.
Captain America: Civil War B+   June 4, 2016
Summary: Typical if not memorable showing for Marvel.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier A   May 26, 2014
Summary: Action-packed hero movie.
Casino Royale A   November 26, 2006
Summary: An excellent Bond film.
Cast Away C+   January 1, 2001
Summary: Both too long and too short.
Catch Me If You Can A   December 28, 2002
Summary: Wonderful story about a young con artist.
Catwoman D+   August 3, 2004
Summary: Pretty fucking pathetic!
Cell, The B-   August 21, 2000
Summary: The splendor and artistry of the scenery...
Changing Lanes B+   April 13, 2002
Summary: Interesting tale of revenge gone awry.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory B-   December 28, 2005
Summary: Not as bad as I feared.
Charlie's Angels A+   November 5, 2000
Summary: Simply amazing! The best film of 2000!
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle A-   July 5, 2003
Summary: Cameron Diaz is showing her age.
Chill Factor B+   September 12, 1999
Summary: A little better than expected.
Chinese Box B-   May 1, 1998
Summary: Romantic obsession in Hong Kong
Chocolat B-   March 23, 2001
Summary: Sickeningly sweet and slow
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The A   January 31, 2009
Summary: Very well done.
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The A   August 27, 2006
Summary: An amazing and very true adaptation of the book.
Chronicles of Riddick, The B-   March 5, 2005
Summary: Great sets but inconsistent storyline
Clash of the Titans C   April 23, 2011
Summary: A bit of a dull remake.
Clueless B   July 26, 1995
Summary: A movie so great they made a crappy TV show about it!
Code Name: The Cleaner C+   July 6, 2007
Summary: Not Cedric's best.
Collateral A   September 11, 2004
Summary: Excellent Michael Mann film.
Collateral Damage C+   February 9, 2002
Summary: Arnold as fireman as hero....
Con Air A   June 20, 1997
Summary: This is one really wild ride.
Congo B   June 24, 1995
Summary: Intelligent apes, gimme a break.
Conspiracy Theory B-   August 8, 1997
Summary: Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts, how could you lose! Oh.
Constantine B-   March 6, 2006
Summary: Nothing like the comic book.
Contact B   July 12, 1997
Summary: This movie flunks physics.
Cop Land B-   August 16, 1997
Summary: Stallone as wimp? Yeah, right...
Copycat B   November 21, 1995
Summary: Hunter shines amidst the blood & gore
Coraline A-   April 23, 2011
Summary: Visually stunning, haunting story
Corruptor, The B   March 12, 1999
Summary: Good performances, bad direction & story.
Count of Monte Cristo, The B   January 26, 2002
Summary: Straightforward remake of a classic.
Cowboys & Aliens B   July 31, 2011
Summary: Daniel Craig, action hero.
Cradle 2 the Grave B+   March 9, 2003
Summary: Gangsta Rap / Martial Arts collision
Craft, The C+   May 16, 1996
Summary: Four teenydoomers do the witch thing.
Crank B-   March 3, 2007
Summary: Fair action vehicle for Statham.
Crash A   January 1, 2007
Summary: An amazing drama drive by racial tensions and stereotypes
Crimson Tide B+   May 12, 1995
Summary: Pretty decent submarine movie.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon B+   December 22, 2000
Summary: Not bad for a subtitled flick...
Cube C+   September 13, 1998
Summary: Minimalist arthouse sci-fi.
Dante's Peak B   February 9, 1997
Summary: A volcano movie, how original.
Daredevil A   March 1, 2003
Summary: A whole lot of fun with great characters.
Dark City A-   March 1, 1998
Summary: A fascinating tale in film noir.
Dark Knight, The A-   August 23, 2008
Summary: More of a Joker feature.
Daylight B-   December 6, 1996
Summary: Terror in the Holland Tunnel
Deadpool A   March 5, 2016
Summary: Hilarious, Reynold at his best.
Deep Blue Sea B-   August 1, 1999
Summary: Best shark movie I've ever seen.
Deep Impact C+   May 16, 1998
Summary: Fuck the physics, let's destroy Manhattan.
Desert Blue C+   June 5, 1999
Summary: Mildly amusing tale of life in a small desert town.
Desperado A+   August 20, 1995
Summary: The best film of 1995.
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo C+   January 8, 2000
Summary: Rather goofy but enjoyable
Devil's Advocate, The A   December 13, 1997
Summary: Lawyers are soooooooo (EVIL!)
Devil's Own, The B   March 29, 1997
Summary: Medium melodrama
Diabolique B   April 10, 1996
Summary: One of many Chazz Palminteri flicks.
Die Hard With a Vengeance A   May 21, 1995
Summary: Bruce Willis does it again.
Dirty Work A-   June 21, 1998
Summary: Whatever happened to Norm Macdonald?
Disney's The Kid A   August 1, 2000
Summary: Heart-warming tear-jerker
Disturbing Behavior C+   August 3, 1998
Summary: Get the soundtrack instead.
Doctor Strange A   November 5, 2016
Summary: Excellent addition to the MCU
Dogma A   November 14, 1999
Summary: A hilarious, fantastic romp about angels gone astray.
Dolores Claiborne C   March 24, 1995
Summary: You can see it on cable 670,892 times!
Don Juan DiMarco B+   April 14, 1995
Summary: Johnny Depp & Marlon Brando-- what a combination!
Donnie Brasco A-   March 7, 1997
Summary: Not bad for a movie based on a true story.
Double Jeopardy B   October 9, 1999
Summary: Above average woman's revenge flick.
Double Team B+   April 20, 1997
Summary: Decent martial arts flick.
Dracula: Dead and Loving It C+   December 26, 1995
Summary: Mel Brooks peters out.
Dragonheart B+   May 31, 1996
Summary: Computer generated dragon!
Driven B+    0, 0000
Summary: An exciting racing movie with overuse of CGI.
Dungeons & Dragons B-   December 10, 2000
Summary: Interesting imagery; shoddy acting.
Eddie B   June 3, 1996
Summary: Whoopi coaches the Knicks.
Edge of Tomorrow B   December 3, 2016
Summary: Ground Hog's Day meets Starship Troopers
Election C+   May 13, 1999
Summary: A very aggravating story.
Empire Strikes Back, The A   February 25, 1997
Summary: Special Edition.
End of Days B+   November 25, 1999
Summary: Great special effects and adventure, lame plot.
Enemy of the State B-   November 25, 1998
Summary: This is below average for Will Smith.
Entrapment B   May 1, 1999
Summary: Not Sean Connery's best.
Equilibrium A   April 20, 2003
Summary: An outstanding movie that was overlooked by most.
Eraser A-   June 21, 1996
Summary: Arnie delivers the goods, but the rest of the film doesn't keep up.
Erin Brockovich B+   November 15, 2000
Summary: Just like the trailer... extended to two hours.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind B   May 23, 2004
Summary: Very weird and original.
Ever After B-   August 9, 1998
Summary: Really nice sets & costume design.
Executive Decision A   March 18, 1996
Summary: Kurt Russell, Steven Seagal, Oliver Platt-- how can you go wrong?
eXistenZ B+   April 30, 1999
Summary: Wacky low-budget take on virtual reality.
Exit Wounds B   May 4, 2001
Summary: Just your typical Steven Seagal flick.
Exorcist, The B   October 2, 2000
Summary: Excellent sound editing.
Expendables 3, The A   January 21, 2015
Summary: Excellent sequel, but who are the new guys?
Eye of the Beholder C+   September 15, 2000
Summary: Interesting, strange story that makes no sense.
Face/Off A   June 27, 1997
Summary: An excellent John Woo hyperviolent film.
Faculty, The B   January 10, 1999
Summary: Rodriguez can do better than this.
Failure to Launch D   December 30, 2006
Summary: Cute in places, but mostly dreadful.
Faithful C+   April 4, 1996
Summary: Secaucus
Fan, The B-   August 16, 1996
Summary: Snipes is once again stuck in a crappy film.
Fantasia 2000 A-   February 4, 2000
Summary: The butterflies were my favorite.
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer B   December 22, 2007
Summary: Not as good as the original.
Far and Away B   June 4, 1992
Summary: Tom Cruise is good as usual
Fargo B+   April 12, 1996
Summary: This is an interestin film yah.
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw B   January 30, 2023
Summary: crazy fun
Fast and the Furious, The B-   July 4, 2001
Summary: No plot, just lots of fast cars.
Fear B   April 21, 1996
Summary: Petersen rocks. Great study of LJBF disease.
Fifth Element, The A+   May 9, 1997
Summary: A spectacular vision, highly entertaining chaos.
Fight Club A   October 17, 1999
Summary: An amazing and surprising film.
Finding Nemo B   June 22, 2003
Summary: Fairly straightforward and ordinary
Fire Down Below B   September 6, 1997
Summary: The Antitoxic Avenger, cardcarrying member of the ACLU!
First Knight A   July 7, 1995
Summary: Pretty good take on the Lancelot story.
First Strike B   January 11, 1997
Summary: Jackie Chan's best movie since his last one.
First Wives Club, The D+   September 27, 1996
Summary: torturous
Flawless C   September 16, 2000
Summary: Slow, slurred movie with a few cute scenes.
French Connection, The C   May 12, 2013
Summary: This won best picture, but I don't see why.
Frequency A   May 9, 2000
Summary: A very touching father-son story.
From Dusk Till Dawn A   January 21, 1996
Summary: Robert Rodriguez is an amazing director.
Galaxy Quest B+   December 25, 1999
Summary: Tim Allen is his usual barrel of laughs.
General's Daughter, The B   June 26, 1999
Summary: James Woods and John Travolta butt heads.
Get Carter B+   October 6, 2000
Summary: Stylish seventies-style remake of a 70's flick.
Get Shorty A   October 27, 1995
Summary: Light-hearted comical fare.
Ghost Rider D   August 26, 2007
Summary: Inspired by the comic, it has something to do with Ghost Rider
Gladiator A   May 7, 2000
Summary: Extremely well done gladiator movie.
Go A-   April 18, 1999
Summary: Three points of view in a neat ensemble piece.
Godzilla B-   May 23, 1998
Summary: Big monster smashes up Manhattan. It likes fish...
GoldenEye A   November 18, 1995
Summary: Bond is back!
Gone in 60 Seconds B-   June 11, 2000
Summary: Talent gone to waste intermixed with car chases.
Good Night, and Good Luck C   October 29, 2005
Summary: Clooney makes modern film noir
Good Shepherd, The D+   September 3, 2011
Summary: Long, drawn out period piece.
Green Hornet, The B+   January 30, 2011
Summary: Better than I expected
Green Lantern C   May 19, 2012
Summary: Poor treatment of classic comic book character.
Grosse Pointe Blank A+   April 12, 1997
Summary: Best movie of the year! (1997)
Guardians of the Galaxy A+   August 9, 2014
Summary: Extremely well done.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 A   May 26, 2017
Summary: Excellent and worthy sequel.
Gun Shy A-   February 5, 2000
Summary: Oliver Platt rules!
Hackers A-   September 15, 1995
Summary: One of the better hacker-type movies.
Hamlet (2000) B+   May 14, 2000
Summary: A very novel interpretation.
Hancock B   February 7, 2009
Summary: Better than expected.
Happy Gilmore A-   February 23, 1996
Summary: Sandler proves he's funny and wins lots of future film contracts.
Hard Rain B   January 17, 1998
Summary: A great FLOOD disaster movie.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets B-   December 1, 2002
Summary: Not as fun the second time around.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban A-   June 1, 2004
Summary: Really good! Loved the soundtrack.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone B+   December 8, 2001
Summary: Amusing child's fantasy
Heat A+   February 17, 1996
Summary: The best film of 1996.
Her B   January 31, 2014
Summary: Bizarre story of overintelligent AI
Herbie: Fully Loaded A-   January 2, 2006
Summary: Very cute movie, bringing back Herbie.
Hero A-   September 19, 2004
Summary: A weak story but visually stunning.
Hideaway B-   March 4, 1995
Summary: If you return from the dead, you gain powers!
High Fidelity A   April 1, 2000
Summary: Great story about the difficulties of women and relationships.
Highlander: Endgame A-   September 10, 2000
Summary: Basically a two-hour TV episode, greatly enhanced.
Hitch B    0, 0000
Summary: Too long for a simple romance, but fun.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The B+   May 4, 2005
Summary: Funny and colorful, but a little off.
Hollow Man D+   August 8, 2000
Summary: This movie tries to survive on special effects alone.
House of Flying Daggers A-   January 15, 2005
Summary: Excellent cinematography.
Hulk C+   July 6, 2003
Summary: Long and dull with a few nice action scenes.
Hunted, The A   March 19, 1995
Summary: Samurai vs. Ninja!
I Spy B+   November 8, 2002
Summary: Goofy and fun
I, Robot B+   August 8, 2004
Summary: Very well done action pic with a few flaws.
Ice Age B   March 17, 2002
Summary: Very light fare-- not up to the levels of Pixar/Disney/Dreamworks.
Ice Harvest, The A-   November 25, 2005
Summary: Good fun watching bad people.
In & Out A-   October 10, 1997
Summary: A goofy and fun story about the gay lifestyle.
In Too Deep C+   September 6, 1999
Summary: An all-black undercover detective story.
Incredible Hulk, The B   December 20, 2008
Summary: Better than the first movie, but still not great.
Independence Day A+   July 2, 1996
Summary: The best shot of NYC being destroyed-- ever.
Indian in the Cupboard, The B   July 23, 1995
Summary: Some sort of afterschool special.
Inside Man A-   April 1, 2006
Summary: Very well done, a mystery with twists.
Insomnia C-   May 27, 2002
Summary: Can't sleep? Try watching this.
Interceptor C+   February 18, 2023
Summary: Cheesy low-budget action movie.
Iron Giant, The B   August 7, 1999
Summary: A nice tale but lacking in depth.
Iron Man A-   June 22, 2008
Summary: Very well done, no real flaws.
Iron Man 3 B+   May 12, 2013
Summary: Lots of big explosions!
Iron Monkey A   October 13, 2001
Summary: An excellent martial arts flick!
Island, The A   July 23, 2005
Summary: The trailer is very misleading.
Italian Job, The A-   June 5, 2003
Summary: An amazing coincidence
Jackie Brown D   December 30, 1997
Summary: Eeewwwwwwwwwugh! Almost everything done wrong.
Jade C   October 13, 1995
Summary: Mediocre disappointment for Caruso.
Jane Austen's Mafia C+   August 2, 1998
Summary: "Airplane"-type spoof of mafia flicks.
Jerky Boys, The B   February 3, 1995
Summary: Goofy comedy featuring local NYC comedians.
Jerry Maguire A   December 31, 1996
Summary: "Show me the money!" launches Cuba Gooding Jr into stardom.
Jingle All the Way B   November 26, 1996
Summary: Amusing and goofy, Arnold struggles with lots of lines.
John Carpenter's Vampires C+   October 30, 1998
Summary: James Woods kick vampire butt in the desert.
John Wick A   February 12, 2017
Summary: Revenge flick makes Keanu Reeves awesome again
John Wick: Chapter 2 A-   February 15, 2017
Summary: The perfect movie for watching people get shot in the face.
Jolt B   May 29, 2022
Summary: Pyschotic woman with anger issues in a revenge flick.
Judge Dredd A   June 30, 1995
Summary: Absolutely superb! I wonder if there's a comic book?
K-PAX B-   November 2, 2001
Summary: Pleasant fantasy, feel-good pic. A little slow in places.
Kate & Leopold B+   January 12, 2002
Summary: Really good feel-good date movie.
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 A    0, 0000
Summary: A lot better than Kill Bill Vol. 2
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 B+   May 13, 2004
Summary: Pretty slow in places, not near as good as Vol. 1
Killer Elite B+   October 1, 2011
Summary: pretty good action movie
Kingdom of Heaven B   August 15, 2009
Summary: Very interesting if you've played Assassin's Creed
Kingsman: The Secret Service A   February 16, 2015
Summary: Excellent secret spy agency flick.
Kiss of Death B   April 23, 1995
Summary: Getting sucked back in.
Kiss of the Dragon C+   July 19, 2001
Summary: Needs humor-- Jet Li needs to lighten up.
Knock Off B-   September 4, 1998
Summary: Hard to go wrong with VanDamme
Kull the Conqueror B+   August 31, 1997
Summary: Momma's lil' Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!
Kung Fu Hustle A+   April 20, 2005
Summary: Best kung fu movie EVER
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist D+   February 2, 2002
Summary: MST3K fans might get into it, most won't.
L.A. Confidential A+   October 4, 1997
Summary: An excellent modern masterpiece.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life B+   August 24, 2003
Summary: Pretty decent.
Last Man Standing B   September 20, 1996
Summary: Forgetable
Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace B-   January 19, 1996
Summary: This movie is not what it appears to be!
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The A-   July 30, 2003
Summary: Great movie! Maybe a bit too many strong characters.
Left Behind: The Movie B-   February 3, 2001
Summary: Setting new standards in christian movies... er...
Legally Blonde A-   August 7, 2001
Summary: Surprisingly better than expected!
Legend of Drunken Master, The C   October 22, 2000
Summary: Typical Jackie Chan flick
Legends of the Fall C+   February 12, 1995
Summary: Long and dull, but scenic.
Lego Movie, The A-   February 21, 2014
Summary: Lots of great fun.
Les Miserables B-   May 2, 1998
Summary: I imagine one of the 12 previous versions was better.
Lethal Weapon 4 A   July 11, 1998
Summary: More of the same and I still love it anyway!
Limey, The B+   October 30, 1999
Summary: A decent father-revenge flick.
Limitless B+   April 5, 2011
Summary: Fun story about chemically induced superintelligence.
Live Free or Die Hard A+   July 14, 2007
Summary: Lives up to the Die Hard standard.
Lolita B-   November 14, 1998
Summary: Would have been better with full frontals.
Looney Tunes: Back in Action B+   December 2, 2004
Summary: Lots of good slapstick
Looper C+   December 4, 2016
Summary: Time travel movie with weaknesses.
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring A-   December 26, 2001
Summary: Amazing to watch, but not much depth
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The A+    0, 0000
Summary: Excellent ending to an excellent trilogy
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers A+   December 24, 2002
Summary: Better than the first, and the best of 2002.
Loser C   July 29, 2000
Summary: Errors in Marketing
Lost In Space B   April 4, 1998
Summary: Lacey Chabert: teenydoomer
Lost Souls B-   November 4, 2000
Summary: Another exorcist movie.
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The C   May 23, 1997
Summary: More entertaining than watching walls melt!
Lucy B-   March 1, 2015
Summary: Fun and exciting in places, full of plot holes in others.
Mad Max B-   February 11, 2000
Summary: Restored Australian version in 35mm, re-release.
Magnolia A-   December 24, 1999
Summary: Excellent star performances shine through.
Man in the Iron Mask, The B+   March 14, 1998
Summary: I didn't hate Leo as much as I thought I would.
Man of Steel B-   March 15, 2014
Summary: Exciting movie but lots of plot holes.
Mask of Zorro, The A   July 18, 1998
Summary: Banderas & Hopkins: they always deliver.
Matrix Reloaded, The A-   May 24, 2003
Summary: Can't wait for the Sane Editor's Cut
Matrix Revolutions, The B+   November 3, 2003
Summary: Second half of Matrix Reloaded.
Matrix, The A+   April 1, 1999
Summary: An instant classic sci-fi tale.
Max Payne B   February 14, 2009
Summary: Too many hallucinations, not enough shooting.
Memento B   March 22, 2008
Summary: Very weird, odd, different.
Men in Black A-   July 3, 1997
Summary: Better than the cartoon series.
Men in Black II B-   July 4, 2002
Summary: Amusing, light-hearted, but not near as fun as the original.
Mercury Rising B+   April 11, 1998
Summary: Child prodigy is really a supercomputer.
Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The B+   November 13, 1999
Summary: The first half is quite excellent
Metro B+   January 21, 1997
Summary: Eddie Murphy, sub-par.
Miami Vice D+   January 28, 2007
Summary: Woefully miscast.
Mickey Blue Eyes B-   September 26, 1999
Summary: A lighthearted, mildy amusing mafia tale.
Minority Report A   July 5, 2002
Summary: Excellent flick, better than expected.
Miss Congeniality B   December 26, 2000
Summary: Funny movie with lots of entertaining bits.
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous C+   January 1, 2006
Summary: A pale shadow of the original.
Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol A-   January 2, 2012
Summary: Excellent production if not particularly memorable.
Mission to Mars D   March 10, 2000
Summary: Formulaic ripoff
Mission: Impossible A-   May 21, 1996
Summary: Tom Cruise brings in the money with another blockbuster.
Mission: Impossible - Fallout B+   August 19, 2018
Summary: By-the-numbers Mission: Impossible movie
Mission: Impossible 2 A   May 26, 2000
Summary: An amazing action flick! John Woo rocks!
Mission: Impossible III A-    0, 0000
Summary: One exciting scene after another.
Mobsters A-   July 27, 1991
Summary: Amusing little gangster movie.
Money Train C   November 22, 1995
Summary: Wesley in yet another dud
Moneyball B+   October 2, 2011
Summary: Great story if you ilke baseball.
Monsters, Inc. B   November 25, 2001
Summary: Cute, funny, but mostly a Billy Crystal movie.
Mortal Kombat A   August 18, 1995
Summary: Really good, better than watching the video game.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith B   June 19, 2005
Summary: Fairly exciting, but a stupid, inconsistent plot.
Mr. Nice Guy B-   March 22, 1998
Summary: The very prolific Jackie Chan spews out one more.
Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie D   February 25, 1995
Summary: Such a stupid idea, they never did it again.
Mulholland Falls C   May 2, 1996
Summary: Crime drama er mystery er romance er sad er whatever...
Mumford B   September 25, 1999
Summary: A lightly amusing tale of a fake psychologist.
Mummy Returns, The A   May 6, 2001
Summary: An excellent sequel.
Mummy, The A-   May 9, 1999
Summary: A pretty nifty ripoff of the Indiana Jones genre.
Muppet Treasure Island B   March 5, 1996
Summary: Pigs at sea!
Muriel's Wedding A   March 25, 1995
Summary: Australian ugly-duckling comedy.
My Name is Nobody B+   June 29, 2007
Summary: A little more serious this time.
My Name is Trinity B+   June 27, 2007
Summary: Fun spaghetti western.
My Super Ex-Girlfriend B-   January 27, 2007
Summary: Rather goofy, but fun.
Mystery Men B-   August 6, 1999
Summary: A fun ensemble sci-fi flick that should have been better.
Narc B-   January 18, 2003
Summary: A gritty crime drama that doesn't quite work right.
Negotiator, The B   August 29, 1998
Summary: Hey, that was a really exciting trailer!
Neighbors D   May 24, 2014
Summary: Dumb slapstick humor.
Net, The B+   July 28, 1995
Summary: Willing suspension of disbelief may be required!
New Jersey Drive D   April 25, 1995
Summary: Stereotypical blacks committing crimes and getting killed movie.
Newton Boys, The C+   March 28, 1998
Summary: Fake stories are better than true stories.
Next Stop, Wonderland B   August 22, 1998
Summary: Arthouse feel-so-so romance.
Nine Months C   July 21, 1995
Summary: Just another chick flick.
Ninth Gate, The A-   March 18, 2000
Summary: A captivating, mysterious tale of an anti-hero.
Nothing to Lose B   August 5, 1997
Summary: More goofy than anything, but hey, get some popcorn & enjoy.
Nutty Professor, The B-   July 12, 1996
Summary: Not as funny as it should have been.
Object of My Affection, The B-   May 10, 1998
Summary: Ditzy chick tries to romance gay man.
Ocean's Eleven B+   December 16, 2001
Summary: Nice ensemble performance
Ocean's Twelve B-   December 26, 2004
Summary: Good fun, but not near as good as Ocean's 11.
Office Space B+   February 20, 1999
Summary: A goofy tale from cubicleland
Once Upon a Time in Mexico B+   September 19, 2003
Summary: Very creepy near the end.
One, The B+   November 4, 2001
Summary: A better Jet Li action flick.
Operation Condor A-   July 18, 1997
Summary: Jackie fans unite!
Operation Dumbo Drop B   August 7, 1995
Summary: Dennis Leary is always great.
Orgazmo A-   October 31, 1998
Summary: Hilarious tale of the porn industry.
Original Gangstas B-   May 13, 1996
Summary: Old fart ex-punks vs. the new evil young punks.
Out of Sight B+   June 27, 1998
Summary: Clooney keeps working it.
Outbreak B   April 6, 1995
Summary: Plagues and monkeys (movies about monkeys never excel)
Parker B   March 23, 2015
Summary: Revenge story set in Palm Beach & Boca Raton.
Patriot, The A-   July 1, 2000
Summary: Best revolutionary war flick ever!
Payback A+   February 6, 1999
Summary: The best movie of the year 1999!
Paycheck A    0, 0000
Summary: Surprisingly well done.
Peacemaker, The B+   September 27, 1997
Summary: Mimi Leder's going places. Maybe.
Perfect Murder, A C+   July 3, 1998
Summary: Manipulative bitches will like this.
Phantom, The B   June 7, 1996
Summary: Some goofy fun, but why did they pick this comic book?
Phenomenon B   June 29, 1996
Summary: So it's a scientoligists' interpretation of Flowers for Algernon...
Phone Booth B+   April 5, 2003
Summary: An extended twilight zone episode.
Pi A   July 31, 1998
Summary: Great techno, great idea, great film.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End B+   January 13, 2008
Summary: A bit on the tedious side.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl A   August 9, 2003
Pitch Black B+   February 26, 2000
Summary: Just don't think about the physics and you'll be fine.
Planet of the Apes (2001) C+   July 28, 2001
Summary: What a horrible script!
Pleasantville A   October 24, 1998
Summary: A brilliantly clever use of color.
Postman, The B+   January 1, 1998
Summary: Interesting movie; it led me to read the novel.
Primary Colors A-   April 10, 1998
Summary: John Travolta imitates Clinton too well.
Prince of Egypt, The B+   January 1, 1999
Summary: Proof that people can make better films than Disney.
Professional, The B+   July 1, 2007
Summary: Great characters. Jean Reno's best.
Prophecy, The B   September 16, 1995
Summary: Anything with Christopher Walken has to be good.
Punisher, The C+   July 9, 2005
Summary: Uninspired story loosely based on the comic book character.
Quantum of Solace A-   November 16, 2008
Summary: Very exciting, but not perfect.
Quest, The A-   March 2, 2000
Summary: Kinda like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter or Enter the Dragon.
Quick and the Dead, The A-   February 13, 1995
Summary: DiCaprio used to be quite talented, like in this film.
Ransom A-   November 8, 1996
Summary: Tank Girl's favorite line: "Give me back my son!"
Rat Race A-   September 23, 2001
Summary: Great ensemble piece.
Ready Player One A   April 10, 2018
Summary: A virtual reality romp with tons of easter eggs.
Ready to Rumble A   April 7, 2000
Summary: A wild and wacky wrestling romp.
Replacement Killers, The A-   February 15, 1998
Summary: Chow Yun Fat does crime drama with martial arts excellence.
Replacements, The A-   August 18, 2000
Summary: Very funny football movie.
Return of the Jedi A   March 18, 1997
Summary: Special Edition.
Riddick B   September 28, 2013
Summary: sci-fi action adventure
Road to Perdition C+   July 20, 2002
Summary: Slow movie, straightforward theme.
Road Trip B+   May 28, 2000
Summary: All the elements of a goofy coming-of-age comedy.
Rob Roy B+   April 7, 1995
Summary: Medieval battles and scottish scenery.
Rock, The A   June 9, 1996
Summary: One of the best of the season.
Romeo Must Die B+   March 22, 2000
Summary: Jet Li martial arts meets generic black crime film.
Ronin B   October 2, 1998
Summary: Class A stars in a real class B movie.
Rumble in the Bronx A-   March 1, 1996
Summary: One of Jackie's better films.
Run Lola Run A   July 9, 1999
Summary: It will leave you breathless.
Rundown, The B    0, 0000
Summary: The Rock and Christopher Walken... hard to go wrong
Rush Hour A   September 19, 1998
Summary: Pretty darn funny and action-packed.
Rush Hour 2 B+   August 26, 2001
Summary: Formulaic sequel delivers the expected.
Rushmore A   February 19, 1999
Summary: Howlerific
S.W.A.T. C-   August 31, 2003
Summary: A great cast ruined by a horrible script.
Sahara B+   January 2, 2006
Summary: Fun movie for McConaughey fans
Saint, The A-   April 5, 1997
Summary: Val Kilmer does the suave spy thing well.
Saving Private Ryan C   July 26, 1998
Summary: War is hell and so is this movie.
Scary Movie A   July 9, 2000
Summary: Outrageously funny and obscene.
Scorpion King, The B+   April 21, 2002
Summary: Good movie, but Rock's performance isn't as good as Fraser's.
Secret Life of Pets, The A   June 25, 2017
Summary: Really sweet movie about pets.
Secrets of the Grand Canyon B   June 17, 1995
Summary: Excellent IMAX mini-pic.
Serendipity B+   September 29, 2001
Summary: Good movie, but doesn't live up to my hopes.
Series 7 B-   March 25, 2001
Summary: Pretty funny spoof of Survivor
Sex and Death 101 A-   February 24, 2009
Summary: Very funny and a little sexy
Sgt. Bilko B   April 7, 1996
Summary: Comedy about army life.
Shaft A-   June 17, 2000
Summary: Delivers as promised...
Shanghai Knights A-   February 16, 2003
Summary: Goofy in places, brilliant in others
Shanghai Noon A-   May 27, 2000
Summary: One of Jackie's better films.
Showtime B+   March 15, 2002
Summary: Pretty funny cop comedy, lots of decent laughs.
Shrek A-   May 19, 2001
Summary: Very amusing little fantasy.
Shrek 2 A   May 30, 2004
Summary: A whole lot of fun!
Shrek the Third A-   December 2, 2007
Summary: Very funny, nice sequel.
Siege, The C+   November 7, 1998
Summary: Pump those stereotypes, babee.
Sin City B   May 8, 2005
Summary: Very true to the comic book.
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For A-   August 24, 2014
Summary: Stunning visuals and nonstop action.
Sixth Sense, The B   August 29, 1999
Summary: A surprising and mysterious tale of death.
Skulls, The B   March 31, 2000
Summary: The star looks like beeb.
Skyfall A-   November 11, 2012
Summary: Great movie, but not the best Bond
Sleepy Hollow A   November 24, 1999
Summary: The closest one gets to steampunk these days.
Sliding Doors B+   May 31, 1998
Summary: A story about choices and their effects.
Slums of Beverly Hills C   September 6, 1998
Summary: It wanted to be something else.
Snake Eyes B   August 29, 1998
Summary: Pretty good, should have been better.
Snatch A-   February 4, 2001
Summary: Really wacky and fun and much like Pulp Fiction.
Soldier A   October 31, 1998
Summary: Another great Kurt Russell sci-fi flick. He's a legend.
Solo: A Star Wars Story B+   June 19, 2018
Summary: Fun, but was hoping for a lot more.
Something's Gotta Give B   January 4, 2003
Summary: A cute feel-good flick.
Soul Plane B-   December 23, 2004
Summary: Starts really funny, but gets old.
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut A   June 30, 1999
Summary: Howlerific instant classic.
Space Cowboys B-   August 16, 2000
Summary: Slightly amusing feel-good story.
Spectre B   November 28, 2015
Summary: A good Bond film, not as good as Skyfall.
Speed 2: Cruise Control B   June 13, 1997
Summary: A little bit too goofy.
Spider-Man B   May 5, 2002
Summary: Goofy fun movie, but only one bad guy
Spider-Man 2 B+   July 17, 2004
Summary: Lots of fun when it finally gets going.
Spider-Man 3 C+   May 27, 2007
Summary: The story made no sense.
Spy Hard C+   May 24, 1996
Summary: Sometimes Leslie Nielsen is hilarious! Not this time.
Star Trek A   July 25, 2009
Summary: Not true to the original, but absolutely great.
Star Trek 9: Insurrection B   December 19, 1998
Summary: Basically an 80-minute TNG episode.
Star Trek Into Darkness B+   May 27, 2013
Summary: Very exciting, if lacking in spirit.
Star Trek: Nemesis B-   December 22, 2002
Summary: Better than the previous one.
Star Wars A   February 7, 1997
Summary: Special Edition.
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace A   May 23, 1999
Summary: It would been perfect without JarJar.
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones A   May 24, 2002
Summary: Excellently done-- very impressive on digital screens
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith B+   June 9, 2005
Summary: A great bridge from new to old.
Starship Troopers A+   November 8, 1997
Summary: Great film adapted from a novel by one of my favorite authors.
Stay Tuned B-   August 26, 1992
Summary: Silly, yet amusing movie
Sticky Fingers of Time, The B   April 10, 1999
Summary: Black & white lesbian sci-fi flick.
Stigmata A-   September 10, 1999
Summary: A religious horror flick.
Substitute, The A-   April 19, 1996
Summary: Don't fuck with the substitute teacher!
Sudden Death B+   December 22, 1995
Summary: Van Damme and the hockey stadium.
Sum of All Fears, The A-   June 1, 2002
Summary: Exciting cold war movie
Supernova C   January 15, 2000
Summary: Great cast, lame movie.
Superstar C-   October 23, 1999
Summary: Like the SNL skit, stretched out.
Swordfish A   June 23, 2001
Summary: Stupendous! Travolta is amazing here.
Tailor of Panama, The D+   April 7, 2001
Summary: Snore!
Tank Girl B+   April 1, 1995
Summary: Pretty fun, but not very true to the comic book.
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines A-   July 20, 2003
Summary: One long chase scene.
Thank You for Smoking A-   November 28, 2006
Summary: Very amusing portrayal of a spin doctor.
There's Something About Mary B-   July 17, 1998
Summary: Lots of stupid gags.
Thin Red Line, The B-   January 16, 1999
Summary: Another warm film in response to Saving Private Ryan
Thirteenth Floor, The A-   May 30, 1999
Summary: An intellectual sci-fi flick about virtual reality.
Thomas Crown Affair, The C-   September 4, 1999
Summary: Rene Russo was miscast.
Thor: Love and Thunder B   September 24, 2022
Summary: Good fun though a chaotic mess
Three Kings A-   October 1, 1999
Summary: The best film about the Gulf War.
Time Code B-   May 6, 2000
Summary: A novel concept, but not much of a film.
Titan A.E. B+   June 16, 2000
Summary: Groundbreaking animation and technology.
To Live and Die in L.A. B   March 29, 2015
Summary: Exciting vintage crime drama.
To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar D   September 29, 1995
Summary: Snipes's worst yet.
Tomb Raider A-   June 23, 2001
Summary: Blasting great fun, like 'The Mummy'
Tomorrow Never Dies A   December 21, 1997
Summary: One of the best Bond films.
Top Dog C+   April 29, 1995
Summary: Chuck Norris's Canine Caper
Toy Soldiers C   May 4, 1991
Summary: It was okay.
Toy Story A   November 24, 1995
Summary: An instant classic that the marketing wizards loved.
Toy Story 2 B+   November 28, 1999
Summary: A rehash-- more of the same.
Traffic B-   February 16, 2001
Summary: Lengthy movie about nothing new.
Training Day B   February 22, 2002
Summary: A more straightforward "Bad Lieutenant"
Transporter 2, The B+   September 4, 2005
Summary: A lot of fun, but a ridiculous screenplay.
Transporter, The A   October 13, 2002
Summary: An excellent action-packed movie about a wheelman's bad day.
Trinity is STILL My Name! B   June 27, 2007
Summary: More antics
Truman Show, The A   June 6, 1998
Summary: A really unique and interesting idea.
Truth About Cats & Dogs, The B-   May 17, 1996
Summary: An okay romance. Chick flick.
Turbulence B   January 17, 1997
Summary: The psycho killer is the star.
Twelve Monkeys A-   January 13, 1996
Summary: Die Hard meets Brazil
Twin Dragons C+   April 11, 1999
Summary: A goofy sub-par Jackie Chan flick.
Twister B+   May 10, 1996
Summary: Computer generated tornados and flying cows, oh my.
Two Weeks Notice C   January 1, 2003
Summary: Basic romantic comedy.
U-571 C+   April 22, 2000
Summary: Are you ready for a submarine movie?
U-Turn D   October 25, 1997
Summary: Oliver Stone delivers another rotten egg!
Unbreakable B+   November 22, 2000
Summary: Fairly dramatic, but not as gripping as Sixth Sense.
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory A-   July 14, 1995
Summary: Steven Seagal, pow wham bonk!
Underworld A-   October 4, 2003
Summary: Great goth flick.
Universal Soldier A   July 16, 1992
Summary: Great fun, lots of action
Universal Soldier: The Return B-   August 21, 1999
Summary: A decent adventure film featuring Goldberg.
Unlawful Entry B-   June 4, 1992
Summary: Helpful cop gets a little creepy
V for Vendetta A-   September 4, 2006
Summary: Much of the screenwriting is over the top, but a great ending.
Vampire in Brooklyn B   October 28, 1995
Summary: Part comedy part horror flick. Weird.
Vertical Limit B-   December 27, 2000
Summary: Over the top rescue flick.
Very Bad Things C+   November 26, 1998
Summary: Don't expect good things.
Very Brady Sequel, A A   August 23, 1996
Summary: Absolutely HOWLerific. Scenes you never thought you'd see!
Virtual Sexuality B-   December 4, 1999
Summary: A very goofy british film about a computer simulation that comes to life.
Volcano B   April 25, 1997
Summary: Ah, the La Brea tar pits exploding. How nice.
Wag the Dog B   January 1, 1998
Summary: Scarily realistic tale about how Washington may work.
Wall, The A+   October 15, 1986
Summary: One of the best films from my formative years.
Wall-E A-   March 14, 2009
Summary: Very cute and fun.
Wanted B-   August 11, 2009
Summary: Over the top stunt scenes
War of the Worlds B-   July 3, 2005
Summary: More of a horror flick than anything else.
Watcher, The B+   September 23, 2000
Summary: Keanu's the bad guy this time.
Waterworld A-   July 30, 1995
Summary: Poonlarp's favorite film!
What Planet Are You From? C   March 4, 2000
Summary: Funny in places but not many places.
What Women Want B   December 28, 2000
Summary: Cute comedy.
While You Were Sleeping B-   May 14, 1995
Summary: Sappy feel-good chick flick.
Whole Nine Yards, The A-   February 25, 2000
Summary: A light-hearted comedy/drama/romance.
Wild Wild West A-   July 2, 1999
Summary: A k00l steampunk comedy.
Wing Commander C+   March 14, 1999
Summary: I was hoping for better.
Winter Sleepers B-   April 20, 2000
Summary: Almost the opposite of Run Lola Run.
Wonder Woman A   July 1, 2017
Summary: Excellent action, adventure and origin story.
World is Not Enough, The B+   November 20, 1999
Summary: Not the best Bond film.
X-Men A   July 14, 2000
Summary: Best comic-book adaptation I've ever seen.
X-Men: The Last Stand B+   July 9, 2006
Summary: Lots of explosions and fight scenes; not much of a story.
X2 A-   May 3, 2003
Summary: Great fun, lots of mutants
XXX A-   August 12, 2002
Summary: James Bond replaced by star of Xtreme Sports
You've Got Mail B+   December 20, 1998
Summary: AOL promotional vehicle with a romance thrown in.

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