Slums of Beverly Hills

Starring: Natasha Lyonne, Alan Arkin, Marisa Tomei, Eli Marienthal, David Krumholtz, Kevin Corrigan, Carl Reiner

Directed by: Tamara Jenkins

Produced by: 20th Century Fox, South Fork Pictures

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Genre: comedy

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Average grade:



Review by Xibo Date seen: September 6, 1998
Viewing Location: North Bergen, NJ Grade: C
Summary: It wanted to be something else.
An odd, sometimes bizarre tale of a girl and her family as they travel from one apartment to the next. There is no real plot, just a collection of scenes, many of them depressing, about how fucked up their family is. Some of the scenes are a bit odd and the characters a bit odd but nothing truly amazing. For example, the neighborhood drug dealer hits on the girl and she uses him to explore her sexuality; meanwhile the father has to cope with the wreck he's made of his life, raising a family without a mother, and with no money, either. Some critics like this one but that's because they like movies that are "different". Different does not equal better. 

A- A- A-
Review by sesame Date seen: September 27, 1999
Viewing Location: san fran Grade: A-
Summary: big busted girls unite
i saw this with a friend: she and i also came from fucked up families and had giant boobs. despite the rambling, the tone felt very real to both of us. this came closer to capturing my experience of adolescent than nearly any other movie i've seen.  

Review by smeehrrr Date seen: January 26, 2000
Viewing Location: The Evil Empire Grade: B
Summary: Not as bad as all that
Nice performance by Natasha Lyonne and Alan Arkin turn this admittedly rambling picture into something worth watching. Marisa Tomei is unusually subdued and unannoying as the disturbed cousin. And that guy singing selections from Guys and Dolls in his underwear is probably worth a rental all by itself. 

A+ A+ A+
Review by CoronaGrrl Date seen: May 8, 2003
Viewing Location: Westport, Ct Grade: A+
I've notice that if you watch this movie slightly high (I was on Tramadol for a toothache) the movie makes so much more sense! I've seen this movie so many times in the past and it never really made complete sense to me, but after watching the middle and end when my medication was starting to work... I understood everything. Like how completely stoned the brother is while singing Luck Be A Lady. Well.. I have no review, I just wanted to mention that. I wonder what it would be like stoned off marijuana or something like that, but I've never tried THAT stuff, so I wouldnt know. I guess you could try it and see for yourself. It might be the same, or even make more sense actually now that I think about it. But anyway... 

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