Apollo 13

Starring: Bill Paxton, Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Ed Harris, Kevin Bacon, Kathleen Quinlan

Directed by: Ron Howard

Produced by: Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment

Distributed by: Universal

Genre: drama

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B+ B+ B+
Review by Xibo Date seen: July 5, 1995
Viewing Location: Secaucus Grade: B+
Summary: Astronauts in space.
It seems like every year now, Tom Hanks stars in a blockbuster hit. This year he plays the commander of the doomed Apollo 13 space mission. This is based on the true story, so if you know the history, then you know how everything is going to turn out. Still, they try to drive you crazy with the suspense, and overdo it in places. Overall though, it's an exciting movie about astronauts... who can resist astronauts?  

A+ A+ A+
Review by Finrod Date seen: 0, 0000
  Grade: A+
Summary: Best documentary ever made
The most amazing thing about this movie is that, save the opening scene during the Apollo 11 first moonwalk, all of it is pretty much factually dead on. It didn't need any dramatization whatsoever, because it already had all it needed. I personally find it amazing that they plotted all the calculations of trajectory and all that stuff with pencil and paper and slide rules. Computers were big and expensive and slow in 1970! The 'put the square connector in the round hole' bit was probably my favorite of the movie. Who would have thought a movie about space geeks would work so well and play to a larger audience?  

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