Knock Off

Starring: Rob Schneider, Jean-Claude Van Damme

Directed by: Hark Tsui

Produced by: Film Workshop, TriStar Pictures

Distributed by: Sony, TriStar

Genre: action/adventure

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B- B- B-
Review by Xibo Date seen: September 4, 1998
Viewing Location: Ridgefield Park, NJ Grade: B-
Summary: Hard to go wrong with VanDamme
Jean Claude VanDamme stars in Hong Kong film directed by Tsui Hark, who is supposed to have talent. Well there's lots of action and fighting here, to be sure, but the editing is pretty shoddy, and the sound is atrocious. Parts of the film were dubbed, and other parts weren't. It was amusing to see Rob Schneider play an action role though. Tsui Hark did better in last year's "Double Team". The plot? A couple of guys selling knock-off products in Hong Kong get in trouble with some terrorists who plant "nano-bombs" the size of buttons in their products. Basically though it's a just a vehicle for the martial arts, gunfights, and explosions. The fight scenes would have been better if we could actually see what was going on; sometimes the editing massacres the scene and you miss parts. Other times it works well.  

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