Starring: Jason Lee, Loren Dean, Hope Davis, Alfre Woodard, Martin Short

Directed by: Lawrence Kasdan

Produced by: Touchstone Pictures

Distributed by: Buena Vista

Genre: drama

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Review by Xibo Date seen: September 25, 1999
Viewing Location: Newport, NJ Grade: B
Summary: A lightly amusing tale of a fake psychologist.
In the town of Mumford there is a psychologist named Mumford (Loren Dean) who uses his unconvetional, untrained ways on the local populace to work miracles. Everyone loves him. He befriends the local billionaire, Skip (played by the talented Jason Lee) and together they work out his own issues. Hope Davis and Alfre Woodard play the love interests; Martin Short has a bit part. It's mildy amusing and good fun. 

B+ B+ B+
Review by hughjtoad Date seen: May 1, 2000
Viewing Location: Sunnyvale, CA Grade: B+
Summary: A gentle movie
This is a very pleasant movie to watch. Even the conflicts are not that disturbing - people just do things and have problems and it's no big deal. Great performance by the lead (Loren Dean) - he is the solid center of the film. Jason Lee is great; the casting was thoroughly well done. Don't expect car chases or cartharsis, but do expect good humor and a lot of different, interested characters.  

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