V for Vendetta

Starring: Natalie Portman, John Hurt, Hugo Weaving

Directed by: James McTeigue

Produced by: Warner Bros., Silver Pictures

Distributed by: Warner Bros.

Genre: action/adventure

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Review by Xibo Date seen: September 4, 2006
Viewing Location: PPV Grade: A-
Summary: Much of the screenwriting is over the top, but a great ending.
McTeigue was first assistant director for the Matrix movies and one of the Star Wars movies, so although it's his first film as Director, he's certainly got a lot of great experience. The Wachowski brothers are to blame for some of the wordy and over-the-top script, which also reminds us that this is an adaptation of a comic book. The story does drag a bit, particluarly in the middle, but the ending is spectacular, and certainly worth seeing. Aside from that, the movie is very well done, truly excellent, although some may consider it to be a little too "weird". 

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