Starring: Taye Diggs, William Fichtner, Sean Bean, Christian Bale, Dominic Purcell

Directed by: Kurt Wimmer

Produced by: Dimension Films

Distributed by: Miramax

Genre: action/adventure

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Average grade:



Review by Xibo Date seen: April 20, 2003
Viewing Location: PPV Grade: A
Summary: An outstanding movie that was overlooked by most.
It lasted all of two weeks in the theaters, and that's sad, as this low-budget sci-fi flick is an impressive piece, with touches of 1984, Logan's Run, and other future unpleasant pseudo-utopia flicks. Christian Bale kicks ass, and it's going to be great to see him as Batman in '05. I highly recommend everyone pick up this movie, it's widely available on video now. One of the best movies of 2003. 

A+ A+ A+
Review by squirtlaws Date seen: June 15, 2004
Viewing Location: dvd Grade: A+
Summary: I loved it
I loved the Matrix and ‘1984’ is an excellent book, so it was obvious that I would be sceptical about the release of a film that combined the two. But I was wrong! The sweeping drop of the scenery, some great images of emotionless crowds and some more than stunning action scenes provide an excellent background with which Wimmer works effortlessly. The story revolves around John Preston (Christian Bale), a first class Grammaton Cleric whose job it is to kill those who feel emotion, fuelled by the mind-altering pill Prozium provides. The film is set in Libria (ironic because it sounds like liberty yet the film does not start in the same way.) Following the disaster of WW3, a government has declared that all citizens have to take Prozium. Preston takes out those sense-offenders who don’t. However, by chance he drops and breaks his daily dose, leaving him free to feel. What follows afterwards is a moving journey through the mind of a man learning to feel. He begins to experience joy, pity, guilt, love, the meaning of the word ‘sorry’ and above all, a anger and hatred against the government. His new battle is against those who held the society down. Bale is superb in his role, further confirming his status as a fantastic but generally overlooked actor. If you have ever seen any of his other films like ‘Velvet Goldmine’ and ‘Reign of Fire’, you will not be disappointed to see a chilling and touchingly convincing in equal measures. Although it is a great film on its own, ‘Equilibrium’ would be nothing without actors Christian Bale, Taye Diggs and Emily Watson. An excellent film that surprisingly nobody has ever seen which I can highly recommend to anyone.  

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