Fight Club

Starring: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter

Directed by: David Fincher

Produced by: Regency Enterprises, Taurus Film, Art Linson Productions, Fox 2000 Pictures

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Genre: drama

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Review by Xibo Date seen: October 17, 1999
Viewing Location: Secaucus Grade: A
Summary: An amazing and surprising film.
So wimpy guy (Ed Norton) meets k00l guy (Brad Pitt) on a plane, befriends him, and moves in with him. Through a series of odd events, they decide to form the Fight Club, a group of guys that beat each other up, to let out frustrations against the pathetic politically correct society. Fed up with the rules of common decency and inane cubicle culture, our wimpy hero evolves into something bigger, someting more. It's an amazing film, very well directed, and intensely interesting to watch. It also has a cool soundtrack by the Dust Brothers. 

A+ A+ A+
Review by Scalveg Date seen: 0, 0000
Viewing Location: Silicon Valley Grade: A+
Summary: Inspirational
This was the best movie of 1999 as far as I'm concerned.

A modern "Rocky" for the knowledge worker, Fight Club echoes the siren song of those primal, unmentionable desires within us all.

It kept even a jaded media junkie like me on my toes, and after being knocked to the floor by the ending, I had to go back and see it again.

Last time that happened was Long Time Ago. 

Review by Twink Date seen: 0, 0000
Viewing Location: Berkeley, CA Grade: A
Summary: Astonishingly violent in a *good* way
Man! Man o man. I was overwhelmed and surprised - Fight Club is visually stunning, has a great soundtrack and a thought-provoking story. After seeing this film, I wanted to go out and fuck shit up. Of course I found the violence shocking, but didn't find it gratuitous in the least. I loved the narration and the yuppie-bashing. Anyone who likes this kind of anti-establishment quasi-anarchist story should consider checking out some other stuff by the author, Chuck Palahniuk.  

A+ A+ A+
Review by Jigen Date seen: 0, 0000
Viewing Location: On a great home theater in Seattle Grade: A+
Summary: Genius, freaking genius filmmaking
A bit hard to decribe, but some of the finest performances, best screenwriting, and amazing filmmaking that I have ever seen. Fight Club is an incredible film about the individuals search for identity when he's already past his prime. Most people have found themselves by the protagonists age, but he's still searching. This film may not relate to everybody, but others may have experienced the "Ikea nesting instinct" mentioned in the film and understand where it's all going. A fantastic score by the Dust Brothers helps to bring it all together. Keep in mind, this is an exceedingly violent movie. 

A- A- A-
Review by hughjtoad Date seen: January 21, 2000
Viewing Location: california Grade: A-
Summary: Owes a lot to Philip K Dick
I wasn't sure what to make of this or whether I would even like it, but I went to see it anyway. And I did like it! This film owes more than a little to the work of Dick, both the everyday toil aspects as well as the surprise ending. Of course it was all over-glamourized, but I didn't mark it down far for that. Brad Pitt finally finds a role that suits him and doesn't aggravate me.  

A- A- A-
Review by smeehrrr Date seen: January 21, 2000
Viewing Location: The Evil Empire Grade: A-
Summary: I Am Jack's Raging Bile Duct
A film for film lovers. I can't wait to get it on DVD so I can recheck a few things. A few judicious edits would have been nice, though. Inappropriate and unnecessary gore keeps this out of the A category. 

A+ A+ A+
Review by gotmilk Date seen: October 6, 2002
Viewing Location: my room Grade: A+
Summary: ..buut...
Fight Club directed by David Fincher, also the director of Seven, allows the viewers to think outside the normal and analyze their world. In this movie Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) comments on the new way of life, “We are products of lifestyle obsession. Murder, crime, poverty do not concern me. What concerns me are celebrity magazines, television with five hundred cannels and a designer name on my underwear.” The film, Fight Club shows the consumer culture in which the 20th century male lives in and how it is a deconstruction of individuality. bbuutt... YaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWNNNNN! Firstly I must point out that my criticism of Fight Club is not a reaction against its mindless, gratuitous violence. I have always loved violent thrillers when they are done well. Most dumb ass violent movies are actioners and I love the genre, including most Arnie movies, James Bond movies, Die Hard I & II, that sort of crap. Generally I prefer my violent movies to be more cerebral, such as The Godfather I & II, Memento, The Usual Suspects, Seven Samurai and LA Confidential. Despite its transparent pretensions of depth, Fight Club very much belongs in the dumb ass category. But is it good? The set up was sharp. Fight Club kicks off swift-footedly with nice little jabs and bobbing and weaving. There is much tension and interest. But soon the energy sags and it punches itself into a mindless stupor. We get grown men fighting and it was as cartoonish as wrestling: make-believe violence that doesn't even give you the testosterone buzz that the best thrillers and actioners hit you with. The twist ending - where Pitt was merely Norton's alter ego - fell flat for me. I did not buy into that dual personality wheeze. I like genuine twists in movies, but a twist has to feel right. Here the twist is forced, unnatural and contrived. Worse, it failed to explain anything. It seems bolted on. The movie is already dead before the terrible ending though. Everything is fine up until the scenes of the cult, and then dementia sets in. I didn't rate Pitt (as Tyler Durden) in this movie. He is enjoying himself and this comes over. Whilst watching Fight Club I sensed that everybody involved thought it was the coolest movie ever, and that they would be ludicrously cool for appearing in it. Everybody seemed to be showing off, as if they were anticipating geek worship, or at least credibility. Indeed the whole self-congratulatory Hollywood system is a perfect example of the corporate Hell the movie is supposed to be railing against. Fight Club is insincere bullshit but it has fooled a lot of people. Some movies can be bad yet provocative, and I find myself discussing them at length. Fight Club doesn't do that for me. I shrug and think yeah right. And that is it. Meanwhile people seem amazed I'm not a fan and ask me why I am not taken with the film. Hence I have cobbled together these words. First Rule of Fight Club... go and fuck your rules :) 

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