Star Trek: Nemesis

Starring: Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Dina Meyer, Whoopi Goldberg, Ron Perlman

Directed by: Stuart Baird

Produced by: Paramount Pictures

Distributed by: Paramount

Genre: science fiction

Xibo's grade:


Average grade:



B- B- B-
Review by Xibo Date seen: December 22, 2002
Viewing Location: West 34th St., NYC Grade: B-
Summary: Better than the previous one.
Okay so we get to see the TNG team, after 15 years, still in all of their original jobs, taking on a bad guy in a movie-class movie. (As opposed to a TV-movie on film, which the last film was.) Happily Riker is finally getting promoted off the ship. The film dragged for about an hour with lots of semi-philosophical posturing about nature vs. nurture, a conflict which is never fully resolved and basically leaves Picard speechless (I guess the writers just threw their hands in the air, said "we give up-- let's do a big battle scene".)

In the end you get the Enterprise vs. the much bigger Romulan vessel, in a protracted battle that leaves one yearning for better stuff. The production values are pretty good, and as a Star Trek fan you're not going to miss this movie. Still, I'd much rather see the Voyager team in action-- the TNG guys are all looking pretty old, even Data looks aged and he's an android.  

C+ C+ C+
Review by Jigen Date seen: January 4, 2003
Viewing Location: Bellingham, WA - Sunset Square Grade: C+
Summary: A so-so episode of the TV show
A plodding, marginal film that does little to impress it's noble attempt at a story upon it's audience. You can see the substance in the script, but somewhere along the way it falls flat. The impressive special effects in the ship battles fails to create any tension or improve the resolution. In the end we're left with a long messy exposition that I'm not sure would have been a quality television episode. Most of the performances are unfortunatly mailed in, with the notable exception of Tom Hardy as Shinzon. He's a relative newcomer to acting and bears watching. You can also see him in Black Hawk Down(2001) as Ranger Twomby. I can't give this a brutally bad grade as some people will really enjoy the large battle scene, but there isn't enough to justify this any higher than given. It's really too bad since this seems to break the myth of even numbered Trek movies being the better films. 

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