Max Payne

Starring: Chris O'Donnell, Mark Wahlberg, Beau Bridges, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges

Directed by: John Moore

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Genre: crime drama

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Review by Xibo Date seen: February 14, 2009
Viewing Location: Netflix DVD Grade: B
Summary: Too many hallucinations, not enough shooting.
The video game was all about shooting, especially in "bullet time" mode. However the movie had very long stretches with no shooting at all, it was pretty dull in the first half. I don't know why they took most of the shooting out of the story-- that's what Max Payne was all about. And there's excessive use of valkyrie hallucinations, to the point where some observers might think they're watching a fantasy flick. Mark Wahlberg does a good job in the role, as does Ludacris. The soundtrack's pretty good, too. Visually, it had much of the same look as the video game; a very dark, bleak New York City.  

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