Starring: William H. Macy, Reese Witherspoon, Joan Allen, Tobey Maguire, Don Knotts, Paul Walker

Directed by: Gary Ross

Produced by: New Line Cinema

Distributed by: New Line Cinema

Genre: fantasy

Xibo's grade:


Average grade:



Review by Xibo Date seen: October 24, 1998
Viewing Location: Secaucus Grade: A
Summary: A brilliantly clever use of color.
Through some mysterious magic, a dweeby kid and his slutty sister are zapped into his favorite fifties black & white family show, Pleasantville. This is a perfect, idealistic town that's lacking in emotion and desire, and as the kids taint the environment with their modern ideas and values, the people in the town slowly come alive, and also become... in color. The story is beautifully presented, and while the critics have panned the preachy liberalism (coloreds vs. noncoloreds), it's really not a major part of the film, and this is shown by how the main characters laugh it off and refuse to take it seriously, as if they were just in a dream, or in a TV show, which, of course, they are. I really enjoyed this film, it's definitely a feel-good flick, brilliantly executed. 

Review by smeehrrr Date seen: January 25, 2000
Viewing Location: The Evil Empire Grade: A
Summary: Wanking off is good for what ails ya
Who know that masturbation could make black and white people turn into technicolor? All monkey-spanking jokes aside, this is a nice piece of work. Good script (if a bit preachy), and nice performances from all the principals, particularly Joan Allen and Jeff Daniels. 

Review by Scalveg Date seen: January 25, 2000
  Grade: A
Summary: God help me, I love the self-discovery
What can I say. Movies where the main character realizes he can make a difference, and does so, are usually winners in my book.

It helped that the acting was great, and the story and look of the film were well-constructed. 

Review by hughjtoad Date seen: February 5, 2000
Viewing Location: San Francisco, CA Grade: B
Summary: Don Knotts is the coolest!
This movie was fun, if a little sappy. I only saw it because Reese Witherspoon is always good, and she was! The boy was fine. I could have done with a little less of the soda fountain guy though.  

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