Starring: Hank Azaria, Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Harry Shearer

Directed by: Roland Emmerich

Produced by: Centropolis Film Productions, TriStar Pictures, Fried Films, Independent Pictures

Distributed by: Sony

Genre: science fiction

Xibo's grade:


Average grade:



B- B- B-
Review by Xibo Date seen: May 23, 1998
Viewing Location: Secaucus Grade: B-
Summary: Big monster smashes up Manhattan. It likes fish...
The third in a neverending series of "Jurassic Park" movies, this one provides a lot of excitement as a dinosaur arises not from DNA experimentation, but from nuclear radiation in the south pacific. The Godzilla dinosaur smartly crosses over to the Atlantic at Panama, and then makes way for the largest city on the east coast, New York. Through a combination of amazing tunnelling powers and lucky dodges, the dinosaur is able to make complete fools out of the Army and and the Navy. Matthew Broderick stars as the Scientist, and of course we have the Reporter, some incompetents in the military, Siskel & Ebert as the mayor (sort of), a randy redhead as the Scientist's boss, and so on. The acting was lame, the script was very lame, the special effects were recycled from Jurassic Park, and the direction was also a bit dull and directionless. The good parts are mainly watching bits of New York city get destroyed, although most of the damage is done by the Army. Most of the budget for this film was spent on marketing; that's typically a sign that the movie itself can't stand on two legs. So, we're treated to a couple hours of a dinosaur running around in the rain, a pile of dull subplots and characters that don't develop very well, and lots of landmarks being torn down. Eventually, the Air Force is brought in, and they make quick work of the matter. Yay, Air Force! 

Review by Nightfall Date seen: May 23, 1998
Viewing Location: A theater that is clearly now accursed Grade: D
Summary: To borrow a phrase: IT STINKS
I've never been to New York, so I missed the only good parts Xibo listed. It stunk all around. I wouldn't see it again without getting paid well for my time. Even Jean Reno couldn't save this giant atomic turkey.  

Review by smeehrrr Date seen: February 2, 2000
Viewing Location: The Evil Empire Grade: D
Summary: Look, it's a big CG lizard
Have you seen Jurassic Park? Then don't bother with this stinker. Matthew Broderick should be spinning in his grave. I know he isn't dead yet, but after this one and Inspector Gadget he should seriously consider it. 

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