Starring: Chazz Palminteri, NFN Cher, Ryan O'Neal

Directed by: Paul Mazursky

Produced by: New Line Cinema, Miramax Films, Tribeca Productions, Price Entertainment

Distributed by: New Line Cinema, Savoy Pictures

Genre: comedy

Xibo's grade:


Average grade:



C+ C+ C+
Review by Xibo Date seen: April 4, 1996
Viewing Location: Secaucus Grade: C+
Summary: Secaucus
This is a movie about an unfaithful man who, after twenty years of marriage, decides to have his wife assassinated. Things don't quite work out though, as the wife and the would-be assassin fall in love with each other. Much of the movie is not paced overly well, and there's a little too much whiny housewife for my tastes. 

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