Big Hit, The

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christina Applegate, Elliott Gould

Directed by: Kirk Wong

Produced by: Amen Ra Films, TriStar Pictures, Zide-Perry Productions, Lion Rock

Distributed by: Sony, TriStar

Genre: action/adventure

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Review by Xibo Date seen: April 24, 1998
Viewing Location: East Village, NYC Grade: A
Summary: Mark Wahlberg's best yet. He's going places.
Mark Wahlberg plays a very talented young hitman, Mel, who is also a real schmuck. This movie appears to have it all: explosive end-of-your-seat action for the guys, naked buns and wacky ladies for the girls. Mel's troubles have been brewing for quite a while, as his mistress (a black chick) is using him to suck him dry of thousands of dollars, and his fiance (a bleached-blonde jewish american princess) is being pressured by her mother to dump him because he's goyim (not jewish). But that's just the subplot! The real story is about Mel and his buddies, a team of expert hitmen, who carry enough firepower to blow up a city block. They decide to do a moonlighting gig kidnapping the daughter of a supposedly rich man. Two things go wrong: the daughter (asian) is so attractive that Mel is smitten by her; and the rich father turns out to be bankrupt, so he calls upon his friend, and the girl's godfather, for help. This man, unfortunately, turns out to be the hit team's boss. The story is written well enough that this isn't at all complicated. The film also more racial and ethnic diversity than you can shake a stick at, probably in hopes of appealling to the greatest audience. All in all, this is the best movie so far this year. Produced by John Woo. 

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