Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Starring: Johnny Depp, Jonathan Pryce, Geoffrey Rush, Yun-Fat Chow, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley

Directed by: Gore Verbinski

Produced by: Walt Disney Productions, Jerry Bruckheimer Films

Distributed by: Buena Vista

Genre: action/adventure

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B+ B+ B+
Review by Xibo Date seen: January 13, 2008
Viewing Location: DVD Grade: B+
Summary: A bit on the tedious side.
Much of the film is focused on Jack being crazy and hallucinating copies of himself, which he didn't do in the other films, so it's rather odd he does it here. The move runs 2 hours and 40 minutes, and much of that is crazy sea battles where you can barely tell what's going on. There are so many characters in the movie that you can't tell who the good guys and bad guys are, and who's aligned with whom. It's not as "fun" as the other movies, and really just seems to drag on at points. It would have been better if they had simply killed off 1/3 of the characters in the earlier movies and dealt with the rest here.

On the plus side, the special effects were, of course, excellent, with many sea battles with exploding ships and (more than once) a ship magically bursting out of the sea. 

Review by Finrod Date seen: May 24, 2007
Viewing Location: 8pm opening preview, AMC Parkway Pointe Grade: A
Summary: Big finish, everyone
There were some disappointments in this movie: a sad and small end to the Kraken, Chow Yun-Fat's role not being as big as it could have been, and I was expecting to see more of Calypso at the end.
Other than that, it was an excellent movie. It added enough new stuff to not be a rehash but not enough to completely overwhelm everyone, and the effects were amazing and insane. Catch this movie in the theater, but be sure to see Dead Man's Chest first, or else you won't understand a huge chunk of it.  

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