Sin City

Starring: Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, Nick Stahl, Powers Boothe, Michael Madsen, Michael Clarke Duncan, Benicio Del Toro, Jamie King, Rosario Dawson, Devon Aoki, Carla Gugino, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba

Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

Produced by: Dimension Films, Troublemaker Studios

Distributed by: Miramax, Dimension

Genre: crime drama

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Review by Xibo Date seen: May 8, 2005
Viewing Location: Kip's Bay, NYC Grade: B
Summary: Very true to the comic book.
It was really incredible how much the movie captured the noir feel of the comic. The effects were outstanding. The movie was pretty exciting and very different, very original. The all-star cast was fun to watch, as well. However, one of the faults of the comic also became a fault of the movie; the separate and barely connected storylines were very confusing, and it was not at all obvious that some scenes were happening several years earlier than others. And if we follow the storyline correctly, then Bruce Willis's character should be in his 60's by the time he makes out with the 19-year-old. What? Other parts were likewise very confusing, particularly the hitman at the start of the movie and the end of the movie... by the end of the movie I almost didn't remember who he was.

Really nice collection of sexy actresses though. Oh yes, very nice. 

A- A- A-
Review by Finrod Date seen: April 24, 2005
Viewing Location: AMC Parkway Pointe 15, Cumberland Grade: A-
Summary: Great movie, though not quite the sum of its parts
If this movie was put together a bit better, it could have been one of the best movies of the year. As is, it's still a very good movie. I was a bit bemused by the choice of Jessica Alba as lead actress-- sure she's great and looks great in it, but everyone knows she won't do anything more revealing than a bikini, which ends up making her a big ol' tease. Which, with the other women in it, doesn't end up being that big of an issue, but it still makes me wonder.  

A- A- A-
Review by Jigen Date seen: April 27, 2005
Viewing Location: Bellingham, WA - average theater Grade: A-
Summary: How movies based on comics should be made
This is the closest I have seen yet to a comic book actually brought to life on the big screen. Really amazing in nearly every way. The only fault I had with it was the pure amount of gore in the film. If there was maybe one less... uh... extreme dismemberment, it might be ok. Unfortunatly, that means it's not for everybody. 

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