Independence Day

Starring: Will Smith, Brent Spiner, Jeff Goldblum, Randy Quaid, Bill Pullman, Robert Loggia, Adam Baldwin, Erick Avari, Vivica A. Fox

Directed by: Roland Emmerich

Produced by: 20th Century Fox, Centropolis Film Productions

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Genre: science fiction

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A+ A+ A+
Review by Xibo Date seen: July 2, 1996
Viewing Location: Secaucus Grade: A+
Summary: The best shot of NYC being destroyed-- ever.
This is sure to be a blockbuster hit of the Summer. When we arrived, the 7pm and 9pm showings were already sold out and they opened up an additional 11:45pm showing as well. The demand exceeded everyone's expectations, evidently. The movie has been hyped up in advertising, and it lives up to that hype. The movie delivers, both on story, special effects, and acting. There are many scenes that are just completely stunning and awe-inspiring, which is what one can expect with a 15-mile wide spaceship floats over New York City and decimates it with a single blast. I would recommend seeing this film, but hey, that would be just a bit obvious in this case, as everyone has to see this one. It's completely obvious. 

B+ B+ B+
Review by Finrod Date seen: July 3, 1996
Viewing Location: Chicago Grade: B+
Summary: Good action flick
This movie wins with its shots of city destruction and playing into American mythology (Area 51, Roswell). The computer virus stuff is bogusly hokey, but few (if any) movies ever get that stuff right. It's a good entertaining ride (see it on the big screen if you can), but I don't imagine it'll hold up to repeated viewings as well as some action movies have.  

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