Hard Rain

Starring: Minnie Driver, Christian Slater, Edward Asner, Morgan Freeman, Randy Quaid

Directed by: Mikael Salomon

Produced by: Paramount Pictures, Mutual Film Company, Polygram Filmed Entertainment

Distributed by: Paramount

Genre: action/adventure

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Review by Xibo Date seen: January 17, 1998
Viewing Location: Wayne, NJ Grade: B
Summary: A great FLOOD disaster movie.
Christian Slater produces and stars in this film about a town that is being flooded out by an overrun dam. Slater plays the role of an armored truck driver that is carrying three million dollars in cash. As the water level in the town rises and rises, various people turn into bad guys and chase after the cash. The special effects are pretty good, except for the first ten minutes, where the computer generated flood is a little too obvious. The action is good, but the flood is a bit inconsistent. Still, it was really neat to see a whole town slowly sink into the depths. Bonus: the movie is only half the length of Titanic. 

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