Starring: Toni Collette, Samuel L. Jackson, Dan Hedaya, Vanessa L. Williams, Christian Bale, Richard Roundtree, Jeffrey Wright

Directed by: John Singleton

Produced by: Paramount Pictures, Scott Rudin Productions, New Deal Productions

Distributed by: Paramount

Genre: crime drama

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A- A- A-
Review by Xibo Date seen: June 17, 2000
Viewing Location: 42nd St. Ewalk, NYC Grade: A-
Summary: Delivers as promised...
Samuel L. Jackson shines in the lead role here, playing Shaft, with all the suave style and tough talk. The movie is great fun, as one would expect, and it doesn't disappoint. Occasionally it does go over the top (Shaft's gun frequently sounds like a Dirty Harry cannon, but it's just a pocket .45) but other scenes make up for it, like where he shows his brutal side by killing the bad guys in cold blood. A really amusing touch to the film is "Uncle John", played by Richard Roundtree, who happens to be the same person who played John Shaft in the original movies (early 70's). Of course, Jackson is only a few years younger than Roundtree, but never mind that, right?

Interesting thing to note here is that Christian Bale, playing one of the bad guys, plays almost the exact same role in "American Psycho". Stereotyped already? Jeffrey Wright gives an excellent peformance as the other bad guy.

I really enjoyed it as a crime drama and action flick, but it didn't seem to go beyond the trailers. It delivers as promised, yes, but it doesn't go far beyond that.  

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