Fifth Element, The

Starring: Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm, Chris Tucker, Gary Oldman, Mathieu Kassovitz

Directed by: Luc Besson

Produced by: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Gaumont

Distributed by: Columbia, Sony, TriStar

Genre: science fiction

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A+ A+ A+
Review by Xibo Date seen: May 9, 1997
Viewing Location: Ridgefield Park, NJ Grade: A+
Summary: A spectacular vision, highly entertaining chaos.
Bruce Willis gives a superb performance in this luxurious science fantasy epic. A french production that was all the rave at Cannes, The Fifth Element is a simply stunning film. Obviously high budget, the sets are completely grand, the costumes are wonderful, the special effects are top notch, and the casting was well-chosen. The direction was completely on the mark. The movie is set a couple hundred years in the future, where an out-of-work cabbie gets chosen for a military mission of extreme importance, thanks to his service history in the armed forces. An evil empirialist business man seeks to take over the world, while an evil force is preparing to enter the galaxy and destroy everything. Mankind's only hope is a bizarre monkish order that have kept an amazing secret for over two thousand years. If this sounds like something out of a french comic book, you should also know that Moebius contributed to the set design. I can't even begin to describe all the wonderful elements of the film. Overall, I'd say this is surely destined to be a cult classic, and probably worth seeing again and again.  

Review by dragonprincess Date seen: 0, 0000
Viewing Location: Home Grade: A
Summary: Futuristic
Wonederful view of the future, Milla Jovovich is beautiful, and bruce willis gives a stunning perfomance, together they spell success, they are wonderful and the movie was great, with a great sense of humor, and great visual effects, and a great look into the future. No matter how old this movie gets it is one of my favorites, Wonderful just wonderful! 

C+ C+ C+
Review by smeehrrr Date seen: May 21, 2003
Viewing Location: WA somewhere Grade: C+
Summary: I have a trick for you
Here's the best way to watch this movie: After the diva gets done singing, turn it off. Watch something else. It's much more satisfying.

Visually, this is a fairly stunning production. Most of the cast is supermodels, which gives me visions of a craft service table with a single stalk of celery sitting in the center. Bruce Willis is decent, Milla is both cute and kickass. Chris Tucker should be put through a wood chipper. Everyone else in the film could be replaced by mute supermodels, and most have been.

The main problem with this film is the script. Apparently this was written by Besson when he was thirteen years old, and it shows. The basic idea is this: There's this super hot chick who can kick anybody's ass except when her man is around and then she's helpless and oh by the way if you kiss her then a laser beam comes out of her and destroys your enemies. So that's that. 

A- A- A-
Review by Finrod Date seen: December 22, 2003
Viewing Location: satellite Grade: A-
Summary: Die Hard in the 23rd century
Bruce Willis saves the world again, but this time in the future with a wacked sense of humor. Milla Jovovich looks amazing and kicks ass as well. Don't take any of it too seriously, just sit back and enjoy the ride.  

A- A- A-
Review by Jigen Date seen: April 3, 2004
Viewing Location: WA Grade: A-
Summary: Wacky, sci-fi action
Well, it's been a while since I've put anything here, but I saw that The Fifth Element had been put on the table so I wanted to leave something here. Long and short; This is a great popcorn action flick. It's not going to change what you think about anything, but it is awfully fun to watch. Chris Tucker is a riot. Bruce Willis does his usual action hero bit. Gary Oldman is a frustrated antagonist. This is very good work by everyone involved and is A LOT of fun in the end. NOT something to take seriously. 

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