Fast and the Furious, The

Starring: Ted Levine, Jordana Brewster, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Matt Schulze, Rick Yune, Michelle Rodriguez

Directed by: Rob Cohen

Produced by: Original Film

Distributed by: Universal

Genre: action/adventure

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B- B- B-
Review by Xibo Date seen: July 4, 2001
Viewing Location: AMC Empire 42nd St, NYC Grade: B-
Summary: No plot, just lots of fast cars.
Vin Diesel plays a bigwig in the underground LA illegal street racing culture, where everyone soups up their cars, even pathetic Honda Civics and VW Passats. Paul Walker is the pretty white boy who's trying to break into the whole scene. And somehow, these people can't afford real lives, but manage to build the most amazing cars... and don't even blink when they wreck their cars. Really, the plot is worthless and is only there as a vehicle to show you all the nice cars. Vin Diesel really needs to be moving up to better roles, too. 

Review by Finrod Date seen: 0, 2000
Viewing Location: dvd Grade: B
Summary: Lots of fast cars, so-so otherwise
An action movie with cars. Without Vin Diesel, this movie would get a C rating or so, but he's good in this kind of role. Then again I liked him in XXX as well, so YMMV.  

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