Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Starring: Jim Carrey, Elijah Wood, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Winslet

Directed by: Michel Gondry

Produced by: Focus Features

Distributed by: Focus Features

Genre: fantasy

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Review by Xibo Date seen: May 23, 2004
Viewing Location: Midtown East, NYC Grade: B
Summary: Very weird and original.
Yes, Kirsten Dunst was one of the better parts of the movie. The movie was highly original in concept, and was quite interesting to watch. You have to understand that this is a "high concept" movie, though, as there's not a lot of action and most of the movie is a flashback. Why can't screenwriters be straightforward in time? Jim Carrey does a decent job acting, but I'm not a big fan of his style. It was ironic to see Elijah Wood and Kirsten Dunst in the same movie, as they are a pair in the Spiderman movies. In the end I left the movie not very inspired and a bit tired, for it did drag on. 

A+ A+ A+
Review by Jigen Date seen: May 1, 2004
Viewing Location: Cascade - WA Grade: A+
Summary: One of the best films of the year.
Expecting to see a quickly little film I was treated to a intensely emotional film that showcases an amazing range of acting ability by Jim Carrey. Eternal Sunshine is a rare peice of work that absolutely suprised me. There will be people that don't understand it, but the theme is something that should speak to most people. This film goes straight to my top ten list. (and if you're more interested in eye candy - you get Kirsten Dunst in a little white top and panties... booyah!) 

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