Starring: Robin Tunney, James Spader, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Lou Diamond Phillips, Peter Facinelli, Wilson Cruz

Directed by: Walter Hill, Thomas Lee

Produced by: United Artists, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Hammerhead Productions, Inc.

Distributed by: MGM-UA

Genre: science fiction

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Average grade:



Review by Xibo Date seen: January 15, 2000
Viewing Location: West New York, NJ Grade: C
Summary: Great cast, lame movie.
An all-star cast leads up this goofy sci-fi flick about a medical rescue vessel that comes upon a troublemaker and his 9th-dimensional treasure. It doesn't take long 'til he's off killing the crew and it becomes a bit of a slight horror flick. The special effects are average, not bad, but nothing special. There's lots of cool sex scenes (including the lovely Robin Tunney's nipples) but I get the impression this whole film was watered down from an R-rating to a PG-13 rating in order to drive up ticket sales. Well, the audience I went with hated the film, but thankfully the punks that were talking nonstop and yelling throughout the first 1/3 of the movie walked out in boredom to cause trouble elsewhere. The only notable thing about the film is that the collection of stars in the cast-- more than you'd expect for a typical sci-fi flop. It's also obvious that they were hoping for sequels as they left open a lot of loose ends. 

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