Legend of Drunken Master, The

Starring: Jackie Chan

Produced by: Golden Harvest

Distributed by: Miramax, Dimension

Genre: action/adventure

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Review by Xibo Date seen: October 22, 2000
Viewing Location: Upper East Side, NYC Grade: C
Summary: Typical Jackie Chan flick
This is a typical Jackie Chan kung fu action/comedy, really a so-so undertaking. Some parts of the movie were funny, and the fight scenes were pretty decent, but overall, it was a little disappointing, as Jackie Chan has done a LOT better in the past.  

Review by Finrod Date seen: 0, 0000
Viewing Location: dvd Grade: B
Summary: Pretty decent for an old dubbed movie
This movie is actually a dub of what was released overseas as Drunken Master 2. I saw Drunken Master first (also dubbed, but not in general release here) which helped, because a lot of the plot that you normally would have expected in a movie like this (how did he train to become a Drunken Master?, etc) actually were in that movie instead of this one. Overall pretty decent, though not quite as much actual drunken fighting as I would have liked to have seen.  

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