Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Starring: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Christopher Lee

Directed by: Tim Burton

Produced by: Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Productions, Zanuck Company, The

Distributed by: Warner Bros.

Genre: fantasy

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B- B- B-
Review by Xibo Date seen: December 28, 2005
Viewing Location: PPV Grade: B-
Summary: Not as bad as I feared.
After seeing the trailer for this, I was horrified at how lame this picture appeared, particularly making Johnny Depp look like a freak. So we didn't bother to see it in the theater and waited for pay-per-view. It turns out to be a mildly amusing movie. Thankfully not as sing-songingly sucrose as the original. Actually, it's a little darker, with Christopher Lee playing the evil dentist father of Wonka. The special effects were, of course, better, but Depp's performance was very flat, and they even faded color on him, to make everything else seem more vibrant I guess, but it just looked creepy. So it didn't really improve on the original any, aside from not having all the stupid singing. 

Review by Finrod Date seen: January 1, 2006
Viewing Location: theater Grade: A
Summary: Much more true to the book
Amazing visuals, much closer to the book (only the oompa-loompas sing, and they sing the lyrics from the book), the parts added not in the book were kind of odd but were interesting in their own way. I'll post more of a review after I watch it again off dvd.  

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