Starring: Steve Buscemi, William H. Macy, Peter Stormare, Frances McDormand, John Carroll Lynch

Directed by: Joel Coen

Produced by: Working Title Films, Gramercy Pictures, Polygram Filmed Entertainment

Distributed by: Grammercy

Genre: crime drama

Xibo's grade:


Average grade:



B+ B+ B+
Review by Xibo Date seen: April 12, 1996
Viewing Location: Edgewater, NJ Grade: B+
Summary: This is an interestin film yah.
This is a very strange film from the Coen brothers. Supposedly based on a true story, it's about these two criminals who are hired by an automobile salesman to kidnap his wife so that he can get his father-in-law to pay ransom, and thus take a cut of it. For reasons never made clear, he is severely in debt and acting out of desperation, and willing to risk his wife's life in the process. It's also about this very pregnant sheriff from a neighboring county who investigates the crime. The bizarre added effect to all this is that it takes place in North Dakota and in Minnesota, in the winter, with snow covering everything. All the people in the movie, with the exception of the criminals, have extremely nordic accents. The whole flick is truly bizarre and a bit gory in places, but while it is very weird like Pulp Fiction, it doesn't have same stunning pacing or soundtrack. 

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