Exorcist, The

Starring: Max von Sydow, Linda Blair

Directed by: William Friedkin

Produced by: Warner Bros.

Distributed by: Warner Bros.

Genre: horror

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Review by Xibo Date seen: October 2, 2000
Viewing Location: Battery Park, NYC Grade: B
Summary: Excellent sound editing.
In this rework of the original, the sound editing has been drastically improved. Rarely does the sound come across as clear as it does in this film. That aside, the story is schlock, the performances are so-so (although Max von Sydow is very good), and the only notable thing in the soundtrack is the Tubular Bells.

Skinny Puppy fans will delight in this film because much of Mind: TPI contains samples from this movie. 

Review by Z Date seen: December 14, 2000
  Grade: B
Summary: the transition between 'old skool' horror and 'new skool' bloodbaths
With this movie gore became the watchword in horror movies. Before this, elegant horror like Rosemary's Baby made audiences cringe by confounding their imagination. After this, horror movies made audiences cringe by being mostly terrible. 

C+ C+ C+
Review by A$$A$$IN Date seen: June 12, 2003
Viewing Location: My chair Grade: C+
Summary: Headspinnin action
The only movie that ever scared me. Not made me jump, but actually scared me. Okay, okay, I was 8. Anyway, the beauty of this movie is that it does not rely soley on special effects, and that it does not need an oberly complex plot. All it needs is a freaky little... well... freak. Now with it's new special effects and re-do, it has taken away some of that magic. 

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