Road to Perdition

Starring: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Newman, Jude Law, Tom Hanks, Stanley Tucci, Daniel Craig

Directed by: Sam Mendes

Produced by: 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks SKG, Zanuck Company, The

Distributed by: Dreamworks

Genre: crime drama

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C+ C+ C+
Review by Xibo Date seen: July 20, 2002
Viewing Location: Westchester, NY Grade: C+
Summary: Slow movie, straightforward theme.
The bad guys die, the good guys survive, the movie plods along in typical hollywood processed-cheese fashion. Paul Newman gives a great performance for his whole 12 lines, and there's a great cast overall, but they're given very little to work with, and the whole thing is dragged out in dull scenes and glossed over in exciting scenes. You're left not really caring.

On the plus side, the historical representation of Chicago and New York is pretty neat, what with the special effects and digital matte stuff and all. 

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