Ever After

Starring: Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Dougray Scott

Directed by: Andy Tennant

Produced by: 20th Century Fox

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Genre: romance

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B- B- B-
Review by Xibo Date seen: August 9, 1998
Viewing Location: North Bergen, NJ Grade: B-
Summary: Really nice sets & costume design.
A decent feel-good chick film about Cinderella, told with a female-adventure slant. The sets were nice, but not as nice as the trailers would lead you to believe. Overall, it's light and entertaining, but not very bold. By the time it's over you've just about overdosed on the on-again, off-again romance switches. 

B+ B+ B+
Review by smeehrrr Date seen: January 27, 2000
Viewing Location: The Evil Empire Grade: B+
Summary: I admit it, I'm a sap
A lovely retelling of the Cinderella story, with enough modification to make it fresh. Drew Barrymore is really not much of an actress, but she inspires enough good will by her very presence that I found myself rooting for her. The Prince Charming character is fine, and the Leonardo role is fabulous. Worth repeated viewings on cable. 

Review by Jessamine Date seen: February 20, 2000
Viewing Location: Atlanta Grade: A
Summary: A truly classic fairy tale romance
Okay... its a "chick flick" - but I cant help it... its genetic. :) I thought this movie was a wonderful adaptation of the classic Cinderella tale.. and the choice of actors was surprisingly perfect. 

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