Batman Begins

Starring: Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, Tom Wilkinson, Michael Caine

Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Produced by: Warner Bros.

Distributed by: Warner Bros.

Genre: action/adventure

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Review by Xibo Date seen: June 18, 2005
Viewing Location: Midtown East, NYC Grade: A
Summary: Excellent retelling of a classic tale.
Christian Bale does a great job as Batman, but I was hoping for something slightly better; like he was a bit too subdued and didn't have the humor that comes from being a superior combatant like George Clooney did so well. Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox was simply brilliant, he always brings magic to his roles. Michael Caine as Alfred, well, I thought it would be someone slightly younger, since we are seeing Batman's earliest days here.

Scarecrow was a decent villian, although how he got hooked up with Ra's al Ghul is never explained. Speaking of whom, Liam Neeson was absolutely brilliant in that role.

The music wasn't as good as Danny Elfman's score, which was damn good and hard to top. The presentation of Gotham was fabulous though... a complete CGI rendition of the city, with sunsets! And the hyperelevated trains gave it a very art deco touch, making the city look unique (although parts of it were shot in Chicago).

And I loved the Batmobile. That and the explanation of where Batman gets his toys added a bit of realism to the movie, but I'm not sure it was every really needed. Still, it certainly tied in the Fox character in a great way.

Definitely an exciting movie worth seeing!  

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