Starring: Ben Affleck, Jon Favreau, Michael Clarke Duncan, Joe Pantoliano, David Keith, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Garner, Erick Avari

Directed by: Mark Steven Johnson

Produced by: Regency Enterprises, 20th Century Fox, New Regency Pictures, Marvel Entertainment

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Genre: action/adventure

Xibo's grade:


Average grade:



Review by Xibo Date seen: March 1, 2003
Viewing Location: Upper East Side, NYC Grade: A
Summary: A whole lot of fun with great characters.
I've never read the comic book but am familiar with comic books in general, and find they generally adapt well to the screen. After, storyboarding is a snap, right? Anyway, Ben Affleck is always a great actor and he does a great job here. The suporting cast, especially the bad guys, were also really on top of their game. I loved Duncan and Farrell, their antics were fabulous.

Special effects, stunts, music... lots of great things going on here. Garner's character? Not the best, but she's still riding the Alias hype. I just don't think she's all that and a bag of chips, but people seem to like her a lot, go figure. 

B- B- B-
Review by Finrod Date seen: March 2, 2003
Viewing Location: Atlanta Grade: B-
Summary: So-so comic --> action movie
While not as visually stunning as say Spider-Man was, and not having the most complex and engaging of plots, this still was an ok if not terrific action movie.

Plus, this movie had the best excuse of any for getting the hero's potential gf to get drenched in the rain.  

C+ C+ C+
Review by Dream Date seen: March 2, 2003
Viewing Location: Atlanta Grade: C+
Summary: Decent movie, worth the viewing -not worth the hype
I found Daredevil to take some of the edginess of the comics and translate it into an almost 'dark knight'-ish atmosphere (without the depression). It was an engaging movie, visually appealing, and didn't deviate from the comics as much as I figured it would (based off other comic book to movies like X-Men and Blade). Not quite as happy-go-lucky as Spider-Man, but neither are the characters. I think they focused too much on the love scenes and for some reason the characterization of Elektra really set my teeth on edge, but otherwise I'd say the movie was worth the price of admission. 

D+ D+ D+
Review by Jigen Date seen: March 8, 2003
Viewing Location: Cascade - Burlington Grade: D+
Summary: Somewhat Ok.. wholeheartedly disappointing
Well, the first "comic book movie" since Spiderman and what do we get? A disjointed yarn with shaky fight scenes, and up and down script, and unnessicary CG work. I was somewhat entertained by Colin Farrell's job as Bullseye, but overall there was much to be desired. Even the fights were confused and often overused wire work and CG to compensate for actors limitations. The attempts to humanize the Daredevil character produced mixed results (the painkillers at the end of a night of crimefighting was a nice touch), but Affleck did do a fine portrayal of the main character overall. This really had the feel of a movie, based on a book, that was trying to cram 500 pages worth of plot into a 2 hour film. I laughed unintentionally at the horrible lines from time to time. By the time I walked out of the theater I wasn't sure what I had seen. Was this even a quality action film? I don't think so. 

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