Blair Witch Project, The

Directed by: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez

Produced by: Haxan Entertainment

Distributed by: Artisan

Genre: horror

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Review by Xibo Date seen: July 16, 2000
Viewing Location: Showtime Grade: D
Summary: A great investment by the producers.
Let's see, three kids, amateur filmmakers, go into the woods to investigate the Blair Witch. The film itself is made by amateur filmmakers, and the three actors use their real names in the script. They get lost in the woods and panic and they run around screaming but their nemesis is never revealed so you're left with a bunch of unanswered questions, like, is there a Blair Witch, or was it the fisherman guys, or was it one of the three trying to freak the other two, and do we really give a shit anyway?


The script sucks. The plot is lame and dull. The filmmaking is a piece of crap. I have no idea why this was so popular. It's a piece of shit.

It was an excellent investment by the producers, costing almost nothing to make, and raking in millions. And, amazingly, launching two sequels. Obviously people will see the sequels in hope of getting some answers. The producers will laugh all the way to the bank! Good for them!! 

C+ C+ C+
Review by tmon Date seen: August 4, 2000
Viewing Location: New York City Grade: C+
Summary: Witch? Which? What?
Well, I gave a C+ for effort. There were some generally scary moments in this. But it not only did not live up to the hype, it really insulted all of the people and groups that gave this thing good reviews. It was boring, for the most part, and confusing. I really did not relish looking up Heather's nose during all of those scenes. And for goodness sake, girl, use a handkerchief. 

Review by Z Date seen: December 14, 2000
  Grade: F
Summary: Here's a tip:
If you want audiences to be sympathetic to the characters you're subjecting to horror, DON'T MAKE THEM FUCKIN MORONS! I wanted these people dead within the first half hour of the movie. This movie blew fuckin chunks. 

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