Analyze This

Starring: Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow, Chazz Palminteri

Directed by: Harold Ramis

Produced by: Village Roadshow Productions, Tribeca Productions

Distributed by: Warner Bros.

Genre: comedy

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Average grade:



Review by Xibo Date seen: March 7, 1999
Viewing Location: Secaucus Grade: B
Summary: "The Sopranos" is better.
Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal star in this offbeat, half-hearted comedy about a mafia boss that suffers from nervous breakdowns and seeks the therapy of a psychiatrist. I'll let you guess who plays which. There's lots of funny scenes, but at times it does get a little repetitive and strained. DeNiro has been going downhill since "Heat"; hopefully he gets back ontrack with a more serious role in the near future. Crystal, as always, is lightly humorous.  

D+ D+ D+
Review by Finrod Date seen: May 8, 1999
Viewing Location: California, on a business trip Grade: D+
Summary: Cliches and bad humor ahoy
I was on a business trip with coworkers, and this was the movie they wanted to see.

In a word: yuck.

This movie had every bad joke about mobsters and psychiatrists that has ever been told, and just in case they didn't have enough, they made up a few new ones just to be sure. The only part of the movie I laughed at was when Billy Crystal after spending too much time with DeNiro's character is counseling an elderly couple about their sex life. Otherwise it was just painful. At least I know to avoid the sequel.  

B+ B+ B+
Review by smeehrrr Date seen: April 12, 2000
Viewing Location: The Evil Empire Grade: B+
Summary: It made me laugh
Robert De Niro doesn't so enough comedy, if you ask me. Here he parodies himself in any of his myriad gangster roles, and does it to great effect. Billy Crystal plays Billy Crystal. There's lots of fat Italian guys, and many of them have funny lines. Chazz Palminteri is there, and he's good as usual.

Xibo's right, though, The Sopranos is better. Totally different, but better.  

A- A- A-
Review by Z Date seen: December 14, 2000
  Grade: A-
Summary: hilarious sendup of mob movies
Definitely not your usual mob movie. Ham is the name of the game here, and ham is on display in copious amounts. Oddly, the ham works quite well. Seeing Billy Crystal attempt to be a mob boss has got to be the best 'fish out of water' moment in the movies this year. 

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