Get Carter

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Mickey Rourke, Rachel Leigh Cook, Michael Caine

Directed by: Stephen T. Kay

Produced by: Warner Bros., Morgan Creek Productions, Franchise Pictures

Distributed by: Warner Bros.

Genre: crime drama

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B+ B+ B+
Review by Xibo Date seen: October 6, 2000
Viewing Location: Battery Park City, NYC Grade: B+
Summary: Stylish seventies-style remake of a 70's flick.
Stallone plays a mafia fixer who takes a trip to visit his brother's funeral and investigate his death, leading into getting revenge and uncovering other mysteries. It's not an excellent movie, but it is done in great style, with wonderful car chases (Catera vs. Jaguar).

Rachel Leigh Cook is pretty cute in the film, and looks like someone who we'll be seeing more of in the future. Rourke has been working out, and Stallone still looks good even though he's 54 now. 

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