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Works as a surly sysadmin. Finrod is divorced and lives in Atlanta. A member of the hellfire gang. Finrod was born on November 13, 1968.

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Finrod last connected on September 23, 2017 13:59.

There is a total of 122 reviews by Finrod. The average grade is B+.

Movie Name Grade   Date Seen
2001: A Space Odyssey A+    0, 0000
Summary: Best scifi movie made
6th Day, The B+    0, 0000
Summary: Worth viewing on HBO, more scifi than most of Arnie's movies
Aeon Flux B-   June 10, 2006
Summary: Nice scenery, nothing special of a movie
Air Force One B-    0, 0000
Summary: Generic action movie
American Beauty A+    0, 0000
Summary: A Best Picture movie that truly deserved the award
Analyze This D+   May 8, 1999
Summary: Cliches and bad humor ahoy
AntiTrust B-    0, 0000
Summary: Great use of open source, good spoof of Microsoft, mediocre movie
Apollo 13 A+    0, 0000
Summary: Best documentary ever made
Avengers (2012), The A+   May 13, 2012
Summary: Joss pulls off the rare action ensemble superhero movie combo
Batman & Robin F    0, 0000
Summary: Seeing only 30 seconds of this movie was enough for me
Being John Malkovich A-    0, 0000
Summary: Dude, this is pretty fscked up right here
Bridget Jones's Diary A-   January 1, 2004
Summary: Seems like a chick flick, but amusing to guys too
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason B+   May 2, 2005
Summary: A decent sequel
Bruce Almighty B   January 4, 2004
Summary: Better than the mindless comedy I expected
Cable Guy, The C-   June 15, 1996
Summary: Some funny bits, but also annoying
Captain America: The Winter Soldier A   May 28, 2014
Summary: Captain America in the 21st century works pretty well
Cars B+   July 12, 2006
Summary: Good movie, but ANSI standard plot
Casino Royale A-   December 2, 2006
Summary: A good Bond movie
Cell, The A-    0, 2000
Summary: Fabulous visuals, decent otherwise
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory A   January 1, 2006
Summary: Much more true to the book
Charlie's Angels B+   March 27, 2003
Summary: Amusing fluff that manages to not be annoying
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle B   November 17, 2003
Summary: Ok sequel, but not particularly inspiring
Chicago B+   March 24, 2003
Summary: Good musical, great people, but not quite the sum of its parts
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The A   December 7, 2005
Summary: Weta magic strikes again
Clerks II A   July 21, 2006
Summary: A sequel worthy of the original
Constantine B   July 1, 2006
Summary: What Xibo said
Craft, The B-    0, 2000
Summary: Decent, but the ending was annoying as fuck
Daredevil B-   March 2, 2003
Summary: So-so comic --> action movie
Die Hard With a Vengeance A    0, 2000
Summary: Better than Die Hard 2, maybe not quite as good as Die Hard
Dogma A    0, 0000
Summary: Only thing I found offensive was Chris Rock
Dungeons & Dragons C   April 21, 2003
Summary: Pretty graphics and effects, great dragon effects, otherwise crappy
Elektra B+   April 16, 2005
Summary: Better than Daredevil
Evolution B+    0, 0000
Summary: Silly entertaining movie whose pseudo-science doesn't totally suck
Eyes Wide Shut B-   November 17, 2003
Summary: An off day for Kubrick
Fantastic Four B+   July 16, 2005
Summary: Uneven but still enjoyable
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer A-   November 4, 2007
Summary: Good action movie, overall
Fast and the Furious, The B    0, 2000
Summary: Lots of fast cars, so-so otherwise
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas A+    0, 0000
Summary: A road trip movie, with heavy emphasis on 'trip'
Fifth Element, The A-   December 22, 2003
Summary: Die Hard in the 23rd century
Finding Nemo A   May 31, 2003
Summary: Decent
Galaxy Quest A-    0, 0000
Summary: Great sendoff of Star Trek
Guardians of the Galaxy A   December 1, 2014
Summary: Marvel seems able to turn even the unlikely into a hit
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets B+   October 19, 2003
Summary: Balanced sequel
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire B-   November 25, 2005
Summary: Disappointing botch of a movie
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban A-   June 5, 2004
Summary: Good book->movie adaptation, oddly different from the first 2 movies
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone B+   October 19, 2003
Summary: Adequate movie translation of a popular book
Highlander: Endgame C   November 17, 2003
Summary: Cinematic incoherence
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The A+   April 29, 2005
Summary: Revised: a classic that grows on you if you let it
Hulk C+   January 3, 2004
Summary: How sad, a boring action movie
I Heart Huckabees B+   May 1, 2005
Summary: Freaky
Ice Age C+   November 14, 2003
Summary: Kid's movie only
Independence Day B+   July 3, 1996
Summary: Good action flick
Iron Man A   July 1, 2008
Summary: The movie without which we wouldn't have had any other Marvel movies
Island, The B+   January 29, 2006
Summary: Interesting mix of scifi
Jane Austen's Mafia D-    0, 0000
Summary: Recycled humor ahoy
K-PAX B+   October 23, 2003
Summary: Kevin Spacey makes this movie by himself
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 A-   November 6, 2003
Summary: A part one that is also a good movie in its own right
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 A-   April 18, 2004
Summary: Differently themed, but as good as Vol 1
Kung Fu Hustle C+   December 3, 2005
Summary: Only for fans of Japanese cinema
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life B+   January 25, 2004
Summary: Decent mindless action movie
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The B   January 10, 2004
Summary: Stretches realism to its breaking point (perhaps past), but still entertaining
Legend of Drunken Master, The B    0, 0000
Summary: Pretty decent for an old dubbed movie
Live Free or Die Hard B-   June 8, 2013
Summary: A let-down for Die Hard
Looney Tunes: Back in Action A+   April 25, 2004
Summary: A must-see for anyone who enjoyed the cartoons
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring A+   December 19, 2001
Summary: A worthy film
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The A+   December 17, 2003
Summary: Big finish, everyone
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers A+   December 18, 2002
Summary: Some odd decisions made in book->screenplay, but still excellent
Magic Christian, The B+   October 16, 2005
Summary: 'Additional material by Peter Sellers, John Cleese, Graham Chapman'
Matrix Reloaded, The A+   May 14, 2003
Summary: A more than worthy sequel
Matrix Revolutions, The A+   November 5, 2003
Summary: Kick ass
Matrix, The A   April 3, 1999
Summary: Ultimate geek fantasy movie, except it's actually good
Men in Black B+   January 7, 2004
Summary: Better than most sci-fi comedies
Men in Black II B+   January 7, 2004
Summary: Ok sequel
Minority Report B+   May 31, 2003
Summary: Spielberg and Cruise got together to make an action movie
Monsters, Inc. A   December 15, 2001
Summary: Another good Pixar flick
My Big Fat Greek Wedding B+   April 6, 2003
Summary: A 'family' movie (not to be confused with a movie FOR families)
Mystery Men B+    0, 2000
Summary: Wanna-be superheroes
National Treasure A   January 1, 2005
Summary: A good action romp through history
One, The B   July 13, 2003
Summary: Ok action movie
Panic Room B-   April 4, 2003
Summary: Started off decent, ended weakly
Phone Booth B+   October 11, 2003
Summary: Nice gimmick for a movie
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End A   May 24, 2007
Summary: Big finish, everyone
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest A   July 8, 2006
Summary: Perfect except for the cliffhanger
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl A-   July 20, 2003
Summary: Nice ride
Rat Race C+    0, 0000
Summary: Rent It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World again instead
Recruit, The A   December 29, 2003
Summary: Gets better the farther into it you go
Road Trip D+    0, 0000
Summary: Grossout != Funny
Rumble in the Bronx B    0, 2000
Summary: Good introduction to Jackie Chan
Scary Movie D   July 12, 2000
Summary: Saw it for free, and it wasn't worth the money
Scorpion King, The B   July 13, 2003
Summary: A B grade for a B movie
Sin City A-   April 24, 2005
Summary: Great movie, though not quite the sum of its parts
Sleepy Hollow B    0, 2000
Summary: Great people and visuals, loses coherency at the end
Son of the Mask B   May 15, 2005
Summary: Somewhat contrived, but better than I expected
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut A+   July 2, 1999
Summary: South Park Gone Wild on the big screen.
Spider-Man A-   May 4, 2002
Summary: Spider-Man drubs Star Wars
Spider-Man 2 A   July 16, 2004
Summary: A worthy sequel
Spider-Man 3 A   May 5, 2007
Summary: Spider-Man just keeps on spinning
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace D+   May 22, 1999
Summary: As a fourth movie, not bad, but
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones C+   May 25, 2002
Summary: An improvement over TPM but not by a lot
Stay Tuned B+    0, 0000
Summary: Amusing fluff TVish movie
Superman Returns B-   July 2, 2006
Summary: Well, it was better than The Hulk
Team America: World Police A   October 15, 2004
Summary: Not just politically incorrect: politically horribly wrong and hilarious to boot
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines A   July 25, 2003
Summary: Better than expected
There's Something About Mary C    0, 2000
Summary: Low-grade humor, gets annoying all too quickly
Titan A.E. B    0, 0000
Summary: Fairly formulaic, but hey it looks good
Tomb Raider B+   April 23, 2003
Summary: Pure action fluff
Tomcats F    0, 0000
Summary: AUGH avoid avoid avoid
Toy Story A-   April 23, 2003
Summary: Great animated fun
Toy Story 2 A   November 27, 1999
Summary: Better than the original
Truman Show, The A   June 6, 1998
Summary: Jim Carrey can do drama too, who would have guessed?
Twelve Monkeys A+   December 30, 1995
Summary: Visually stunning, I walked out of the theater going "buh"
Twister C+   October 19, 2003
Summary: Weather geeks will be somewhat disappointed, but others might enjoy
Ultraviolet B-   July 15, 2006
Summary: Interesting but falls flat
Unbreakable C+   November 25, 2000
Summary: Decent prequel, but
Underworld B   September 30, 2003
Summary: Enough to look at, but a bit thin on plot
Wall, The A+    0, 2000
Summary: Pink Floyd on film
Wild Wild West D    0, 0000
Summary: AUGH suck suck suck
X-Men A    0, 0000
Summary: Good comic book -> big screen adaptation
X-Men: The Last Stand B-   July 16, 2006
Summary: Could've been an A, ended up a B-
X2 A   May 2, 2003
Summary: A worthy sequel
XXX A-   March 9, 2003
Summary: Good James Bond-alike
Zathura B   July 16, 2006
Summary: Jumanji in space

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