Magic Christian, The

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Review by Finrod Date seen: October 16, 2005
Viewing Location: dvd Grade: B+
Summary: 'Additional material by Peter Sellers, John Cleese, Graham Chapman'

If you want it, here it is, come and get it

Make your mind up fast

If you want it anytime I can give it

But you better hurry 'cause it may not last

Did I hear you say that there must be a catch?

Will you walk away from a fool and his money?

Sonny, if you want it, here it is, come and get it

But you'd better hurry 'cause it's going fast

You'd better hurry 'cause it's going fast

Chances are you've probably heard this song on a classic rock station or some such, and never really knew where it came from. Well, it's by Paul McCartney from 1969, and it's the theme song for _The Magic Christian_.

First, the bad side-- the plot of this movie can be explained in one sentence: Peter Sellers plays Guy Grand, the richest man in the world, who adopts a bum sleeping in the park (Ringo Starr) as his heir, and the two of them proceed to see what all they can convince people to do for money.

Lack of a serious plot notwithstanding, this movie is loaded with amusing bits. John Cleese and Graham Chapman are both there (from before Monty Python!), and such names as Roman Polanski, Christopher Lee, and Racquel Welsh (as Priestess of the Whip, in an outfit that puts Carrie Fisher to shame!) only add to the effect. The humor is appropriately surreal, given when it was made (1969). If you enjoy Monty Python or Peter Sellers, you should see this movie.  

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