Team America: World Police

Starring: Trey Parker, Matt Stone

Directed by: Trey Parker

Produced by: Paramount Pictures, Scott Rudin Productions

Distributed by: Paramount

Genre: comedy

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Review by Finrod Date seen: October 15, 2004
Viewing Location: theater Grade: A
Summary: Not just politically incorrect: politically horribly wrong and hilarious to boot
Some stuff to know before seeing this movie:

If you don't like 'bad language', you won't like this movie.

If you're a big fan of all those Hollywood stars that all got on the "Anyone But Bush" bandwagon, you won't like this movie.

If you're Michael Moore, you won't like this movie.

If you hated the South Park movie, you won't like this movie.

Fortunately for Trey and Matt, that doesn't eliminate too many people from their potential viewing audience.

The rest of us will love it. The utter silliness of using puppets (complete with still-visible strings) and the send-up of the classic big-budget action flick, combined with philosophizing using obscene/scatalogical/gynecological language, is a comedy masterpiece. That, and having many Hollywood actors portrayed with puppets (but not any US politicians), makes this quite the movie. If you're easily offended, or to the left of Michael Moore, then go watch _On Golden Pond_ again instead. The rest of us will bust a gut laughing.  

B+ B+ B+
Review by Dream Date seen: October 15, 2004
Viewing Location: AMC theater Grade: B+
Summary: offensive yet funny (mostly)
If you enjoy the South Park movie, you'll probably not be offended by the language and humor used in this movie. The movie script touches on a lot of the behaviors the news/world seems to attribute to the US, and then blows the behavior up even more :-0 It was utterly ridiculous, silly, overblown, and even disgusting at times, but it was amusing. I loved the cheesiness of the puppetry, and they did it well. I'm always glad to see old styles revived. Plus it was nice seeing some of the more sanctimonious Hollywood personages get killed in gruesome ways! 

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