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smeehrrr last connected on May 21, 2003 18:43.

There is a total of 85 reviews by smeehrrr. The average grade is B-.

Movie Name Grade   Date Seen
54 B-   January 26, 2000
Summary: The score so far.
A Night at the Roxbury C   January 25, 2000
Summary: Xibo is on crack
Air Force One B   February 7, 2000
Summary: New rule: No Gary Oldman
Alien: Ressurection B   February 7, 2000
Summary: It's not Alien
American Pie B-   January 21, 2000
Summary: A Porky's For the Nineties
Analyze This B+   April 12, 2000
Summary: It made me laugh
Antz B   January 25, 2000
Summary: The best animated bug movie of the year
Armageddon C+   January 27, 2000
Summary: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me C   January 21, 2000
Summary: Deja Vu
Avengers, The D   January 27, 2000
Summary: Peeeeee-ew
Batman & Robin C-   May 21, 2003
Summary: Here's the thing
Being John Malkovich A   January 21, 2000
Summary: What the hell was THAT?
Bicentennial Man C-   May 21, 2003
Summary: Enough already
Blade B   January 21, 2000
Summary: Wall to wall ass-kicking
Blast from the Past B+   February 2, 2000
Summary: Sweet but not syrupy
Bowfinger B+   January 21, 2000
Summary: Surprisingly decent
Bulworth B   February 2, 2000
Summary: Turn if off before the credits
Charlie's Angels A   May 21, 2003
Summary: These babes can kick my ass
Conspiracy Theory C+   February 7, 2000
Summary: Mel does crazy
Contact C   February 7, 2000
Summary: This could've been a *lot* shorter
Dark City A+   February 2, 2000
Summary: Thoughful science fiction
Desperado A-   May 21, 2003
Summary: Mmmmmmm
Devil's Advocate, The B-   February 7, 2000
Summary: Al Pacino should retire
Dirty Work C   February 2, 2000
Summary: Sophomoric and unoriginal
Disturbing Behavior D+   January 27, 2000
Summary: A waste of my life
Dogma A   January 21, 2000
Summary: It Pissed Off The Catholics
Dungeons & Dragons D   May 21, 2003
Summary: Oh. My. God.
Enemy of the State B   January 24, 2000
Summary: Actionish
Ever After B+   January 27, 2000
Summary: I admit it, I'm a sap
Face/Off A+   May 21, 2003
Summary: I love this movie
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas B-   May 21, 2003
Summary: What? What?
Fifth Element, The C+   May 21, 2003
Summary: I have a trick for you
Fight Club A-   January 21, 2000
Summary: I Am Jack's Raging Bile Duct
From Dusk Till Dawn A   May 21, 2003
Summary: It's like two, Two, TWO movies in one
Galaxy Quest A-   January 21, 2000
Summary: Howleriffic
Go B+   April 12, 2000
Summary: A bit derivative, but good
Godzilla D   February 2, 2000
Summary: Look, it's a big CG lizard
Heat C+   May 21, 2003
Summary: My hair actually got longer while watching this film
I Spy D+   May 21, 2003
Summary: Yuck
In & Out A-   February 7, 2000
Summary: A gay movie without AIDS
Jackie Brown A   February 7, 2000
Summary: A Worthy Effort
Jerry Maguire B   April 12, 2000
Summary: I don't get it
John Carpenter's Vampires C   January 25, 2000
Summary: Flaccid vampire action flick
Kull the Conqueror B+   February 7, 2000
Summary: Good cheesy fun
L.A. Confidential A+   February 7, 2000
Summary: That;s a spicy meatball
Lethal Weapon 4 C   January 27, 2000
Summary: A disappointing end to a flagging series
Lolita B-   January 24, 2000
Summary: Unfortunately not kiddy porn
Mask of Zorro, The B+   January 27, 2000
Summary: Fluffy Mexican Fun
Matrix Reloaded, The D   May 14, 2003
Matrix, The A+   January 21, 2000
Summary: The Greatest Story Ever Told
Men in Black A   February 7, 2000
Summary: Fun sci-fi comedy
Mortal Kombat A-   April 12, 2000
Mummy Returns, The C-   May 21, 2003
Summary: Dammit
Mummy, The B+   April 12, 2000
Summary: Nicely done
Negotiator, The B-   February 2, 2000
Summary: Nice idea, poor execution
O Brother, Where Art Thou? A+   May 21, 2003
Summary: My favorite movie of the year
Orgazmo A-   January 25, 2000
Summary: How would Heavenly Father be served by me writing a review?
Out of Sight A   February 2, 2000
Summary: Groovy crime fiction
Pi D   January 21, 2000
Summary: "Hi, I just got out of film school!"
Planet of the Apes (2001) C-   May 21, 2003
Pleasantville A   January 25, 2000
Summary: Wanking off is good for what ails ya
Postman, The D+   February 2, 2000
Summary: Costner does it again
Primary Colors B   February 2, 2000
Summary: It left me flat
Romeo Must Die C   April 12, 2000
Summary: A limp noodle
Rush Hour B   January 26, 2000
Summary: It's a Jackie Chan movie
Saving Private Ryan B   January 27, 2000
Summary: OK, I've seen it, now I don't need to see it again
Scorpion King, The B+   May 21, 2003
Summary: Surprisingly unlousy
Siege, The C-   January 24, 2000
Summary: Willis and Denzel wank off for two hours
Sixth Sense, The A-   January 21, 2000
Summary: That Is One Creepy Kid
Sleepy Hollow C-   January 21, 2000
Summary: Couldn't I Watch Scooby Doo Instead?
Slums of Beverly Hills B   January 26, 2000
Summary: Not as bad as all that
Snake Eyes B-   January 27, 2000
Summary: OK suspense film
Snatch A-   May 21, 2003
Soldier C   January 25, 2000
Summary: I've seen this nonsense before
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut A   January 21, 2000
Summary: What would Brian Boitano say?
Star Trek 9: Insurrection B-   January 24, 2000
Summary: What he said.
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace C   January 21, 2000
Summary: Crapbag
Starship Troopers C-   February 7, 2000
Summary: It doesn't work on so many levels
Talented Mr. Ripley, The C+   January 27, 2000
Summary: Ouch, my brain
There's Something About Mary A   January 27, 2000
Summary: Perverse, disgusting fun
Tomorrow Never Dies B   February 7, 2000
Summary: Like a Hong Kong action flick on valium
Truman Show, The A   February 2, 2000
Summary: See it twice
Very Bad Things D   April 27, 2000
Summary: Holy crap
Wag the Dog B+   February 2, 2000
Summary: The most cynical movie ever made
You've Got Mail C+   January 24, 2000
Summary: Sleepful in Seattle

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