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As a special feature of Xibo's Guest Book, Xibo will reply to everyone's comments. Xibo's replies are listed below in red. Please note that the most recent comments may not yet have replies, as Xibo no longer stays connected to the Internet all day long.

Name:    Melanie Reeves (from Wichita, Kansas)
Home Page:     
email:    Melaniereeves@yahoo.com
Reference:    Other Search Engine
Date:    Wednesday, November 17, 1999 at 21:15:04 (PST)
Comment:    What a cool site! Eeyore rules and he will always be my mascot. Thanks for giving him the recognition he deserves.

Eeyore deserves a lot more. He deserves five Game Boy cartridges, a Saturday morning cartoon, a trading card game, a line of stuffed collectibles sold at every toy store in America, a blockbuster movie, and a theme park.

Name:    Krill-Man
Home Page:    http://www.ontek.com/mikey
Reference:    Link from friend's page
Date:    Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 10:54:04 (PST)
Comment:    You have to visit us. We have a new jacuzzi in the backyard and it's rilly rilly cool. We will grow lots of krill there.

I would love to visit you! But your grilf is far too attractive.

Name:    Angelina (from Woonsocket, RI)
Home Page:     
email:    Demonic_Myn@hotmail.com
Reference:    Yahoo!
Date:    Monday, November 08, 1999 at 13:15:16 (PST)
Comment:    Very cute guest book. I like the Eeyore page.....

Thanks, it was delicious. Send more chocolate!

Name:    Phive (from Ottawa, Canada)
Home Page:    http://www.xander.com/jana/cats/
email:    phive@xander.com
Reference:    Other
Date:    Friday, October 15, 1999 at 12:13:43 (PDT)
Comment:    This message is for Pixel.... Hi Pixel, From one good looking black and white cat to another, congratulations on being Cat of the Day. Hope you get some treats or rubber bands or whatever. Say hi to Koshka too. Phive.

Pixel replies, "Meow! Me-yow, me-yow, me-yow. Mrrrr." Oops, he fell over. Now he's asleep.

Name:    Danielle (from New Jersey, USA)
Home Page:     
email:    xenadanielle@yahoo.com
Reference:    Other
Date:    Friday, October 15, 1999 at 06:23:41 (PDT)
Comment:    Hi Xibo, Congratulations on Pixel being Cat of the Day. That's how I (somewhat embarrassingly) happened upon your interesting site. I visit petoftheday.com daily to brighten up my work day. Your site is at once quite esoteric and accessible to all. Strangely, I am a pathetically single 32 year old cat-loving female living in the same state as yourself but looking at your plus-and-minus matrix of Xibo I don't know if we would be very compatible. I tend to date slacker guys with problems who are a lot younger than I am. You seem kind of intimidating to me. Your cats are very cute, though. I looked at Pixel's photo and thought "he looks very bad!" He has that glimmer in his eye. I have two cats: Scooter (boy) and Xena (girl) whom I would love to send pictures of but I am too lazy to scan, etc. Well--it's been fascinating. I will bookmark your site for future visits... ta Danielle

Thanks for visiting! And be sure to put a website for Scooter and Xena, too!

Name:    Vagus Corax (from Kotka, Finland)
Home Page:    n/a
email:    lord.raven@iname.com
Reference:    Link from friend's page
Date:    Monday, September 27, 1999 at 18:40:48 (PDT)
Comment:    Noted the URL on a site (that just fled my mind) under the word angst. As the word has been popping up on several occasions in my recent life I came to see if I'd finally find an explanation (not exact one but got the general idea). Yep, always nice to find out about other gloomy entities out there...

That's the great thing about angst... take all ya want, we'll make more.

Name:    Lord Soth of the Sith
Home Page:     
email:    paladin@titans.org
Reference:    XIBO.COM sprayed on a wall
Date:    Friday, September 10, 1999 at 15:47:00 (PDT)
Comment:    i think this is a god page BUT WHERE ARE THE RULES FOR CRAPT i need to have them and my fiend Vecna sed that you would know so please dont be like jesse and nbc and the salt thief and crush my dreams PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND THEM thank you very much sir, Lord Soth of the Sith, paladin of anubis (ALL HAIL ANUBIS LORD OF THE DEAD)

well if you want the for rules for crapt then you have to give me monka I NEED MONKA I HAVE TO HAVE MONKA IF YOU DO NOT GIVE ME MONKA THE GIRL DIES. I can't let the girl die cause then I wont be able to advnace to the next level DONT YOU UNDERSTAND I MUST HAVE MONKA

Name:    trevor (from silverdale, wa)
Home Page:     
email:    torv@mail.utexas.com
Reference:    Other Search Engine
Date:    Sunday, September 05, 1999 at 23:14:53 (PDT)
Comment:    hey, I ran across your music collection page and am interested in buying at least several discs, but couldn't locate them through the music boulevard link. Are they still available?

n0pe, sorry, some of those are Not Allowed to be available.

Name:    My Dick Hurts (from Pussy, Wet)
Home Page:    My Dick is 20 in.
email:    fuck@home.cum
Reference:    /* Drunk -- fix later */
Date:    Sunday, August 29, 1999 at 12:12:01 (PDT)
Comment:    I need a good woman to suck my cock. So get the fuck over here and suck it you stupid cunts! Before I stick my cock in all the girls asses! Oh, and the Xibological Perimeter is fuckin' stupid. It is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. It is a fuckin' peice of shit you stupid cocks.

Storm? Storm, is that you?? Why are you farting from your mouth???

Name:    Sunny (from Sacramento, Cali)
Home Page:     
email:    Sbunnylyn@aol.com
Reference:    Other Search Engine
Date:    Friday, August 20, 1999 at 14:12:50 (PDT)
Comment:    All I have to say, is," Your bunny pictures are sooooooooo cute." And, "I love bunnies!!!!!!!!"


No more bunnies. The bunnies have decided I'm no longer worthy. The bunnies are very particular.

Name:    Bartholomew Cubbins (from yes, Yes please)
Home Page:    Exchange & Mart site of the week August '89
email:    bill_sh@ner.ner
Reference:    bad dream
Date:    Tuesday, August 17, 1999 at 08:27:51 (PDT)


Sned mony to sexonastick@hotmail.com



Okay, you're insane. Next?

Name:    Rick Marinelli (from Portland)
Home Page:    http://www.pacifier.com/~naturdoc
email:    naturdoc@pacifier.com
Reference:    Pacifier Directory
Date:    Thursday, August 12, 1999 at 14:18:23 (PDT)
Comment:    Cool website! I especially like that you are no doubt a closet SlackMaster. I personally have tried suppressing my own tendencies to angst so I can't relate so well there. I was looking at some virtual server websites hosted by Pacifier when I came upon yours. I want to have a storefront offering high-quality nutritional and herbal supplements as part of my website. As a naturo- pathic physician I am very aware of the plethora of junk products out there and want to offer the real thing at fair prices. I'm impressed by your energy and intellect and agree with much of your analysis, especially the financial and philosophical. While as you say I prob'ly can't afford you I thought you could punch up my website. Gotta go. Patients await. Thanks for the tour!! Rick

Nonsense, you're a doctor, of course you can afford my services. C'mon, $200/hr is quite reasonable. We'll do an initial consultation, inventory your products, integrate it into your website, and bim-bam-boom you're selling your wares over the net with the power of e-commerce! If your drugs/herbs/remedies actually work, then the millllllllions (gasp) and milllllllllions of people with headaches will be lining up to PAY YOU MONEY. Next thing you know, you'll be doing an IPO, suits will get involved, and you'll be a multimillionaire.

On paper, anyway.

Or, you can just skip it.

Name:    J Hazeldean (from Vevay, USA)
Home Page:     
email:    jerome@thedoghousemail.com
Reference:    XIBO.COM sprayed on a wall
Date:    Friday, July 16, 1999 at 17:57:58 (PDT)
Comment:    My girlfriend loves teletubbies. I hate them but since I love Terry so much I'll put up with anything just to be near her.

Now that's what I call true Sacrifice! I only hope that she does favors for you as well, and that she isn't just using you.

Take mah advice kid... don' get married! (Teletubbies indeed, pfah!)

Name:    sQueakaliscious (from all of them, all over the US and Canada)
Home Page:    The Sisteurs of Utter Destruction
email:    sod@sisteurs.zzn.com
Reference:    bboard posting
Date:    Monday, June 14, 1999 at 00:58:11 (PDT)
Comment:    hi you posted in our bombass guestbook so i am posting in yours. coool site, man. ;) -sQ

oh WOW I've been visited by sQueakaliscious!! This really makes my day!

(now if only I could convince one of the local sisteurs to go out on a date, hmmm....)

Name:    Kristy (from Newburgh, NY)
Home Page:     
email:    NYzAngel17@aol.com
Reference:    Yahoo!
Date:    Sunday, May 30, 1999 at 07:41:36 (PDT)
Comment:    I think this page is very well put together, and very cool. I am a Bunny lover..so this is in my favorite places and I come and look at it everyday..The music is nice and pictures are clear..and I like how everything is working 100%

Great job guys!


Thanks Kristy... and be sure to eat your xibological vitamins everyday!

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