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Every movie has two grades, Xibo's Grade and the Average Grade.

Obviously, Xibo's Grade is the rating of the film judged by how Xibo felt about it when he saw it. This is sometimes influenced by external factors (good popcorn, noisy kids, comfy seats, proper air conditioning).

The Average Grade is the average of all of the grades given by the other reviewers. Xibo's opinion does not factor into the Average Grade.

--No review available.
A+One of the year's best films. More than excellent, this film will stick with you forever. Everything works just right.
AAn excellent film. Certainly not the year's best, but a perfectly fine film nonetheless.
A-Almost excellent. Only a few minor flaws. Perhaps a bit too genre.
B+A really, really good film. While not excellent, this is still quality entertainment.
BA good film. The average grade a film gets when it is expected to entertain. Good for videotape rentals.
B-A decent film, where you'll still have a good time, but there are a few faults to the picture. Think twice before seeing this in the theater.
C+A bit above average. Okay to rent if you've seen everything else.
CAverage, mediocre. Alright if you're bored. Not overly entertaining.
C-Sub-par. Perhaps if you're really, really bored you could rent this, or watch it on cable.
D+Nice try, but no. Hopefully the director will do better next time.
DUnpleasant viewing. Try the weather channel instead.
D-Really, really bad. The only good thing about this film is that it isn't the worst. Watching the walls melt is a better use of your time.
FAvoid at all costs. The director must be killed, and you will run in terror if this film appears before you. Worst ever.

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