Queen, The

Starring: James Cromwell, Helen Mirren, Michael Sheen

Directed by: Stephen Frears

Produced by: Scott Rudin Productions, Canal Plus Image International

Distributed by: Miramax

Genre: drama

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Average grade:



B+ B+ B+
Review by hughjtoad Date seen: January 22, 2007
Viewing Location: AMC Shoreline 16, Mountain View, CA Grade: B+
Summary: interesting, well done but not exciting
This is a pretty interesting fictionalized study of the events in the British royal family and in the newly-elected PM Tony Blair's lives after the death of Princess Diana. It's interesting to see the royal family watching TV every night like anyone else, but waited on by servants and totally out of touch with the world at the same time. There are no car chases (although the queen breaks an axle in a Land Rover she's driving at Balmoral at one point). The Tony Blair character is well done; I'd like to see another movie with the same actor during the Iraq war events.  

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