Starring: John Hurt, Ron Perlman

Directed by: Guillermo del Toro

Produced by: Dark Horse Entertainment, Lawrence Gordon Productions, Revolution Studios

Distributed by: Columbia, Sony

Genre: action/adventure

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A- A- A-
Review by Dream Date seen: April 5, 2004
Viewing Location: Atlanta area Grade: A-
Summary: Great fun for all movie
Not a bad movie. I'm not a rabid Hellboy comic follower so I can't speak to how true to the books it was, but from what I saw it seemed to follow the spirit of the books mostly. Some wisecracks and amusing witticisms. Neat special effects, decent casting, even the storyline didn't suck nearly as bad as some comic book-to-movie offerings have in the past. I think that David Hyde-Pierce as Abe's voice was a great choice. For some reason he has always given off that thin intelligent fish-man bully-target vibe. 

A- A- A-
Review by Jigen Date seen: May 1, 2004
Viewing Location: Bellis Fair - WA Grade: A-
Summary: This is a great "fun" movie
Hellboy is a flat-out entertaining film. You can't go too wrong if your looking for something mindless and fun to watch. Get around the cheesy comic book bits and you'll find a suprisingly funny performance by Ron Perlman. Sometime I found myself wishing that he didn't have to talk with a cigar in his mouth too often (some of the lines were a bit unclear), but that is one of the few minor quibbles I had with the movie. High recommendation. 

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