Woman on Top

Starring: Penelope Cruz, Ana Gasteyer

Directed by: Fina Torres

Produced by: 20th Century Fox

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Genre: romance

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A- A- A-
Review by Brian Date seen: October 3, 2000
Viewing Location: Carmike Galleria 10, Bham Grade: A-
Summary: Great fun, hot babe, Mercutio in drag!
This movie is like cotten candy: Light weight, fluffy, nice to look at, and real yummy. It's not very filling but it leaves you feeling satisfied.

The guy who plays Mercutio in the Baz Luhrman film, Romeo & Juliet is once again in drag. And again he's The Friend. And again he does a great job.

I'll revise the review when I have time, but a quick summary is: I'm buying it when it's released. 

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