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Review by hughjtoad Date seen: March 7, 2000
Viewing Location: San Jose, CA (Cinequest film festival) Grade: B
Summary: Disney crossed with Gods Must Be Crazy
This is a cute little movie that would be rated G if it had been rated. It's about an English man whose father was an archeologist in India studying the remains of temples to Hanuman, the god of monkeys (among other things). When he discovers people are looting the temples and selling its statues as art in London, he flies to India intent on stopping them (and also hoping to meet his sweetheart that he knew when he lived there as a child). In the meantime, two young monkeys from the local troop are exiled, since one is the daughter of the local monkey leader, and the other is a nobody. A narrator tells us what is going on, and the monkey action and direction is excellent. Eventually the two stories merge and bad guys are caught, good guy wins, etc. A great movie for kids but not so much for adults. 

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